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I love her. :D

A - Alive (Tour '02)
B - Break (Tour '02)
C - Contrast (Tour '02)
D - [X'mas] Dinner Show (DS '02)
E - Everyone (CD '03)
F - Fake (Tour '03)
G - Gang Way (DS '03)
H - Heal (CD '04)
I - I. (Tour '04)
J - Jeanne d'Arc (DS '04)
K - Kiseki (Tour '05)
L - Luminous (CD '05)
M - Make -M- (DS '05)
N - Notte, La (Tour '06)
O - On and On (DS '06) (Goodie.)
P - Princess Panther (DS '07)

Q - Quisiera Tener Alas (DS '08)

Only 9 letters left. 9 more dinner shows. 9 more years...

(Thanks to [ profile] kinnosuikazura for the heads up. <333 )


Aug. 8th, 2008 12:14 pm
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* I only now noticed that for the '99 Special, Mami was wearing Miki's suit AGAIN (like she did before, which left Tamo the choice between the tsuki and the hoshi suit, and she chose Noru's. Otherwise it may have looked to much like an exchange or mistake. :P Tom and Zunko properly wore their respective troupe colors. :D

* There is a lovely Aqua5 music video on niconico douga.

* For those who haven't seen it yet, pictures of Mariko and Tamo in their Cinderella costumes.

* For those who haven't noticed yet, Mami and Tartan have been double-casted for the role of Susan in Desperately Seeking Susan. OMG. There's Ooura, too. OMG.

And thank you SO MUCH for the good wishes and lucky vibes.
m(_ _)m ♥ ♥ ♥
You are the best. <3

I have two options secured now and should be able to make a calm decision over the weekend. I should also have the time now to make some screenshots of "Beautiful Beast" and "Time Adagio". And maybe some scans... so look out. ^^

I'm also suffering from Hiromi deprivation. Can't wait for the Aqua5 and Berubara DVD's to be released. Dammit. Hurry up, Hankyu.

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[Seen at the Yahoogumi]

Charlie is/was dancing. :D :D :D

With ANJU.

And she was reported wearing a black tux. :P

Linkey news 1.
Linkey news 2. (different picture :P)
Linkey chirashi.

of Anju
of Anju
of Anju, Charlie ^^

Some more random Charlie pics.

PS: Do the [ profile] takarazuka_news and [ profile] zuka_jinjibu feeds still work for anyone?
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Rika & Wataru looking extremely handsome. <3

I love Rika. I love Rika in frilly, shrill-colored, low-cut dresses. But I also love that we get to see her in a dashing suit every once in a while. ^^

Probably also featuring Saeko and Kashi looking extremely handsome, because they're playing otokoyaku, too. XD

[Hoshina] Yuri, Midori, Rui and Kurara are playing musumeyaku. ^^

The 'senior' cast (Rika/Saeko/Yuri-chan/Rui) has the first day, the 'junior' cast (Wataru/Kashi/Midori/Kurara) has the last day. Some mixes in between. Kashi and Rui get to be together on stage, Saeko and Kurara, too, but Rika and Kurara don't. :(

Roles are:
Ryutan - Snow Troupe top star (Rika / Wataru)
Tacchi - Snow Troupe niban (Saeko / Kashi)
Tomo - Snow Troupe top musumeyaku (Yuri-chan / Midori)
Beni - Snow Troupe musumeyaku (Rui / Kurara)

Official website.

Official blog.

Check the [ profile] takarazuka tag for more info.

I'm envious of all those who will get to see it and am looking forward already to extended reports. :P

Also: Saeko's Official Website.
Last time I checked (which was a while ago) it was still under construction.

Cinderella Musical CM is on youtube.

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Ah, maybe I'm the last one to know, but new KOM photobook "KEEP IN TOUCH" is coming out tomorrow.

Pictures taken in Vienna for Toho Elisabeth. ^^
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Letters and cards with well-wishes and encouragement [in any language] for Tamo-chan can be sent to her agency:

〒153-8660 東京都目黒区下目黒1-2-5
株式会社 ホリプロ・ブッキング・エージェンシー
愛華みれ 様

Aika Mire
c/o Horipuro Booking Agency
1-2-5, Shimomeguro
Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8660

Thx [ profile] sumirepanther for the romanization.

I will send mine today.
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Have I missed it on my flist, or was it really not there?

Wao Youka Christmas Dinner Show & Dinner Cruise DVD


Jan. 10th, 2008 01:52 am
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Mami will follow Yuri, Rika, Wataru and Wao and continue the line of OG's who play male roles. <3

She will play the role of Sakamoto Ryoma in August in Bakumatsu Juunjouden (Bakumatsu Jyunjyoden, "(An Innocent Episode in the Last Days of the Tokugawa Regime") - another shinsengumi-related story.

Sakamoto Ryoma is the opponent of Okita Souji.

The artcicle [ profile] sumirepanther linked me to also mentions Japanese dance, I think. ^^

Yay Mami. <3

PS: In the 1991 movie version of Bakumatsu Juunjouden, Okita Souji is a boyish woman.

In a 2003 stage production Okita was played by a woman.

In this 2008 production, Okita is played by Ishihara Satomi - a woman. So... Mami would have the male lead...? ^^

IMDB plot summary of the 1991 movie:
In the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate, there was a cute warrior, Souji Okita, who belonged to the armed police of the shogunate in Kyoto. Very few knew that Souji was not a boy, but a woman. Souji loved the vice-leader of the armed police, Toshizou Hijikata. Souji suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis and coughed up blood during a battle. Toshizou helped her but said that he did not care for the girl with a smell of blood. Souji had a real talent for swordsmanship and no one but Ryouma Sakamoto could compete with her. Ryouma was a liberal intellectual and tried to carry out a revolution without blood. However, the bloody Meiji Restoration broke out and Souji killed Ryouma who lost his dream. Because a friendship had sprung up between Toshizou and Ryouma, Toshizou got angry and slashed at Souji with a sword. Unwillingly, she unsheathed her sword and thought that she might get love if she was killed by the man she loved.

ETA:We are informed that there will be an intense love scene between "Okita Satomi" and "Makoto Ryoma".

I'm starting to think about what to get myself for birthday this year... ~~~~

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrel gets a remake in 2008, again with Tamo, and this time also with Tartan. :P

Tamo in the title picture of Dirty Rotten Scoundrel in 2006.

The official website for the 2008 (If you only want to see Tamo and Tartan, skip the intro and go to 'cast'. Although those pictures are from their agency profiles and can also be found here and here.)

And although her website is in Mami- Tsuki-yellow, her blog is in Hana-pink. XD

I looked a bit around in her blog and found this. I don't remember this being linked anywhere on my flist back in August. Apparently Tamo went to see Osa's Asakiyumemishi:

Osa & Tamo.

ETA: Totally forgot to post what actually brought me to this topic. Someone on the yahoogumi posted a link to Kizuki Ayumu's blog, with a picture of Tamo celebrating her birthday with Hana-OG's.

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I seem to remember someone answered in Becca's Takarazuka Meme that they want to see the life of Mozart made into a Takarazuka musical. I wonder how long it will take. PS: Tartan has a role in the Toho version as Baroness Waldstetten.

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The happy comes with some sad.

The good news is that last week Mami and Rika teamed up in a talk show for a senior/junior team talk battle somethingie-ish. Their opponents were two women from the Japanese Women Wrestlig Team.

The bad news is, unless I've gotten it completely wrong, that one of the wrestlers, Jaguar Yokota, kept picking on Mami... so much that the showmaster had to rein her in. :( Poor Mami. She looks... flabbergasted. *hugs and cuddles her fiercely*

In fluffier news: The Aqua5 housepage has been updated *AGAIN*. Although Weekly Aqua5 had another entry from Mizu yesterday (the entry's picture was a different one yesterday o.O) there is a new one today with lots of pictures of Holy Night With Aqua5 Takarazuka (note the "Next" button at the bottom). <3 <3 Unfortunately they're not too terribly big, but nevertheless very full of delighting squee.

Mami Love

Oct. 27th, 2007 06:58 am
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*grins* I was updating Mami's post-zuka profile on the TakaWiki and the question came up if the listing by year is enough or if I should try to organize it a bit more. So I looked at Rika's post-zuka profile for ideas :P and wow, that looks neat. I thought maybe I could do that with Mami's, too... But when I looked closer I realized that it's simply not possible. [ profile] shetan83 said Mami's dancing is energetic, but sort of all over the place. :D Looks like it's not just the dancing, it's her. XD Energetic and all over the place. :P <3 I loves her muchly.

I wasn't aware up to now that Rika played Genji. :o Wowowowow. I assume there's no commercial release or recording of that, is there? T____T (And Jen, now I understand your comment about the recent trend in roles for retired otokoyaku much better. :P)


Sep. 24th, 2007 12:58 pm
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[ profile] broodingvampire Just posted the link to the trailer of Saeko's movie.

It's... shiny. Very shiny. Well, Saeko is. The rest looks like crack. :P Which was expected... to a certain extent. But it seems to be exceeding the expectations a little bit... XD
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In complete ignorance of the heap of news from last night/this morning, I present thee:

MamiXTamo (Ok, there are more, but... yeah. The way Mami says "Tamo-chan" is just *love*. XD)

(clip) (copied from here) (details & schedule)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Also, I'm not sure how many have seen it, but it's too precious not to share with any friend who hasn't. :P

Flush Collection. I love this little clip. Laughing 'siennes are the best.
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Mami wrote:




Would one of my madly nihongo skillzzored friends please have pity and tell me that the bolded text doesn't mean Mami is retiring a second time, and that she's just joking about Skystage doing so well that she *could* resign? T_____T
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So yes, there were these clips on youtube of a tv-show featuring dancer!ex-'sienne!RIKA

I rather enjoyed the first part (link to YT).
The music and the dancing... yumm.

Then I got to the second part... )

The road to hell  heaven insanity is paved with Zuka-ness. I'm on my way.


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