Apr. 13th, 2009

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Uh... Not just a brain crush. XD

Plowing through her book & articles atm. We'll see if the crush survives. :P

Other noteworthy things:

  • It's been comics week again, so:
    Scandal Savage has a new girlfriend. (More about that on [livejournal.com profile] daily_yuri)

    Go buy/read "Air" and "Echo", best comic series these days for people who like female leads and solid stories.

    New lovely picture of Francine & Katchoo (SiP). I love his art. Especially his blondes. Tambi's still my favorite, though. XD

    Marvel Illustrated: Pride & Prejudice gets approved for unexpectedly decent art.

  • Never seen those before:
    Aqua5 24/10/2008 I
    (I... I will remain silent and think my part.)
    Aqua5 24/10/2008 II

  • Mine
  • Sweet! Mami's & Hide-chan's SHOW店街組曲 has a blog!
  • OMG, Mami! Otori Ran, too, but - Mami! I can't quite make sense of neither the title nor the story that quickly, but Otori Ran plays an old otokoyaku and a group of men impersonates women and aims to stage "Romeo and Juliet"...?
  • Um, I obviously was MIA for a while. So, T4? Hot awesomeness. I wonder how many fainted.

In other news I crave zuka. Lots of it.
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Just to make sure it doesn't go flat too soon: Amazon Rank.
Because, Amazon Fail.
Some more reasonable perspectives, though.
"Some combination of algorithm issues, thoughtlessness, lack of foresight, and lulzers, in varying percentages.    Shake and add internets."

And a short, sane comment/report on the issue.


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