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A Mariposa picture here, here and here.

An Aqua5 picture with blond Teru here. XD (They had been given the honor of singing the national anthem at some professional baseball event. :D )

And while trying to find out what kind of event that was (turned out to be a Mazda All-Star Game at Yokohama Stadium on Friday, August 1st), I found a journal with Japanese TV translations, including a translation of Utaban year-end special Johnny's & Takarazuka's LEGENDARY LAWS.

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The Solomon/Mariposa cast is up.

I haven't looked for a summary yet, so I'll just hope Raphael is a "jet-black nefarious villain". XD

ETA: Nacchan is missing!! No named role for Nacchan in the honkouen. :( So many yuki retirements this year... we can't afford to lose her, even if it should be only to another troupe, even if it should be to be top... Meh. Shina's leaving is sad enough. WE NEED SOME GIRLS WITH OUR BOYS. Hmph. *pouts* Kimu, Yumiko and Hiromi can open the "we lost our girls" club. Kaname joins sporadically, since she still has Mika. *knocks on wood*.
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Yukigumi Berubara DVD - release date 08/20
New AQUA5 CD (+DVD XD) - release date 08/27

Yay more Hiromi on DVD. ~~

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Proceed for more Hiromi and Yumiko. I love how single frames reveal what's hidden in a video. :P

Too tired to add captions. )

In other news Yumiko is beating Mizu (and Tonami and Kimu) in numbers of sold out postcards.

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Silver Rose Chronicle TakaWiki page with summary.

I'm so dead I have no words for how dead I am.
2.5 hours and I've been put through the emotional wringer, a real roller coaster of emotions.

I love this show. And I love Yukigumi. 2.5 hours and I did not miss Hiromi. *doesn't even feel bad*

The sole reason why I bought this DVD was the preview clip on the TCA website.
I did not like the poster or the story, and still am not a fan of vampires.

Which is... not entirely true *cough* now. )

Which bring me to the point where I'm waving my white flag.
Kaname and Yumiko. )

Yumiko 2.1 who enjoys the spotlight and plays with it. :3

*** Prepare to be spoiled. ***

93 huge reasons to get this show. )

Ok. Points of critique:

- Not enough dancing vampires.
- Not enough happy couples in the end.
- Yumiko may get another show, but it will be hard to top this one.

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Oh, I was wondering what Yukigumi will be touring with next year...


They have the dates and the locations but not the show? T___T

For consolation there are some terribly cute pics of So here. Hadn't seen those before. Must love So.


Nov. 28th, 2007 05:01 am
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Utterly irrational, ridiculously detailed, exhaustingly SPOILERish and deadly wordy... TEXT... about the Joyfull II revue. (Screencaps at Takarazuka Precious here (Chunichi) and here (national tour). More only upon specific request (i.e. name the scene).)

Show: Joyful!! II
Troupe: Snow
Type: Revue
Year: 2007
Version: Chunichi Theater cast.
Cast & Summary: TakaWiki
Preview: TCA Pictures

Wow, just wow. )

This is definitely not the last time I watched it.

In fact, it's already running again. :D

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Not exactly what we've been waiting for, but at least mizugumi shows up in the news.

Some pretty pink picture.

Or so I thought. LOL. It takes you on a "Love Mission" sort of thing. You can win shiny if you find heart-shaped diamonds on the show poster (or here). XD
Most likely only if you reside in Japan, so meh. But good luck to anyone who is eligible and wants to give it a try. :)


Oh shucks. Prizes include autographs of your favorite Aqua5 member. WANT!~~~

Did you notice? Comment editing feature for paid members. Yay.

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Yuki's Susano-O and Silver Wolf have just been added to my "I NEED" shopping list.

I think I *might* start to like the Mizu/Komu combi. XD

Oh be still my angst loving heart...! )


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