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Bakumatsu Pictars EN MASSE. Hotness! Angst! And Mami at the center of it!


Please, God, please?

Thanks to [ profile] sumirepanther for pointing out. <3

This so makes my day. :D It's so much more than I expected. ^________^
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Oh, Mami-chan. <3

Plus, both in costumes.

Tomorrow is premiere... I'm sad, but also excited and waiting for pictures reports to come in.

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Pictures & Interview:

Is it wrong to think of them as cute couple? :P

Mami doesn't seem to mind at all having a younger, female partner again. ^^


And... yet another interview with pictures:

I'm having a hard time / not time to even get the gist of it, but the pictures are big and pretty.

Rika talking to us about SHOUT!
Scarlet Pimpernel clip

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And to think Mami isn't all that tall herself.

A rough translation of the text makes me grin. XD

I hope I'll get the chance to see this interview some day. :D

What a pretty couple. XD

Oh, how quickly some wishes are granted!
YoutubeHQ Download

This so totally makes my Sunday. (If anyone wants to tell me what's being said, please don't hold back. :P)

*Now* I want one of those big posters. :P


Jan. 10th, 2008 01:52 am
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Mami will follow Yuri, Rika, Wataru and Wao and continue the line of OG's who play male roles. <3

She will play the role of Sakamoto Ryoma in August in Bakumatsu Juunjouden (Bakumatsu Jyunjyoden, "(An Innocent Episode in the Last Days of the Tokugawa Regime") - another shinsengumi-related story.

Sakamoto Ryoma is the opponent of Okita Souji.

The artcicle [ profile] sumirepanther linked me to also mentions Japanese dance, I think. ^^

Yay Mami. <3

PS: In the 1991 movie version of Bakumatsu Juunjouden, Okita Souji is a boyish woman.

In a 2003 stage production Okita was played by a woman.

In this 2008 production, Okita is played by Ishihara Satomi - a woman. So... Mami would have the male lead...? ^^

IMDB plot summary of the 1991 movie:
In the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate, there was a cute warrior, Souji Okita, who belonged to the armed police of the shogunate in Kyoto. Very few knew that Souji was not a boy, but a woman. Souji loved the vice-leader of the armed police, Toshizou Hijikata. Souji suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis and coughed up blood during a battle. Toshizou helped her but said that he did not care for the girl with a smell of blood. Souji had a real talent for swordsmanship and no one but Ryouma Sakamoto could compete with her. Ryouma was a liberal intellectual and tried to carry out a revolution without blood. However, the bloody Meiji Restoration broke out and Souji killed Ryouma who lost his dream. Because a friendship had sprung up between Toshizou and Ryouma, Toshizou got angry and slashed at Souji with a sword. Unwillingly, she unsheathed her sword and thought that she might get love if she was killed by the man she loved.

ETA:We are informed that there will be an intense love scene between "Okita Satomi" and "Makoto Ryoma".

I'm starting to think about what to get myself for birthday this year... ~~~~


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