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Well, should be fun. Definitely some light at the end of the tunnel full of beasts, blood and blasts. ^^


Feb. 15th, 2009 03:38 pm
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The good times are over. I think I may be turning my back on the DC-/Batverse, soon. If there even is a Batverse left. Batman's dead, the Canary downgraded to Ollies loyal sidekick, BoP will be disbanded in next week's final issue, Checkmate and Sasha Bordeaux are dead, too, Batwoman seems to have disappeared, also, and it just leaves The Question and Scandal Savage, whose stories I'm not much interested in without Batwoman resp. Knockout. And if Manhunter continues its current path, I'll ditch it, too.

There'll be a 3-issue "Oracle" miniseries starting next month, featuring a showdown between her and her arch-enemy Calculator. The solicitation says she'll be paying the "ultimate price", but whatever it is, I got a feeling I won't like it. Bye, bye DC.

There will only be Air and Top Ten left, and they're both not related the the DC-verse.

Comics I'll be watching out for are reduced to:

Echo (Abstract Studios)
Air (DC/Vertigo)
Top Ten (DC/Wildstorm)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel)
[Secret Six (DC)]

[Oh, and Booster Gold, sort of a guilty pleasure. :)]

Picky as I am I don't like the new art of "Runaways", so even if it's written by Terry Moore, I won't read it.

And frankly, I lost track of the events in the DC-Verse, too. I always liked DC better than Marvel :P but Final Crisis got too big and confusing for a fan with limited time and money, sort of like Marvel's giant Civil War octopus with countless tie-ins and specials.

Meh. The good times are over.
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It's Oracle & Canary again. XD Finally!!
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Wow, stumbled over Terry Moore's ("Strangers in Paradise") new comic series "Echo". I love it.


More of and about ECHO and SiP art in his blog.

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I really don't like vampire stories.

But no one will blame me for making an exception for this, right? XD

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Maggie Sawyer is still the commander of the MCU department, and has ended her relationship with former lover Toby Raines.

They survived 20 years of DC universe, and now this.
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(Terry Pratchett - Discworld Graphic Novel 01 - The Colour Of Magic)

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Batgirl/Oracle related OHPLZNOEZ-post:


I hope this is not going to happen. I HOPE it's not. They promised. Again and again they PROMISED. And now they'd have the opportunity... Although... they won't. I'm sure they won't, because it would just make one huge big mess... of the whole /universe/. T___T I pray they won't do it. But they also made the Canary marry the Green Arrow. And they killed the Blue Beetle. And the Question. Nothing's holy to these people.

"Top Ten"

Oct. 17th, 2007 08:41 am
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A first impression of Nova Roma:

That cracky comic mini-series (12 issues) I posted about? I finished reading it. I loved it. There's actually some brain in the writing and there's something to discover on almost every page. :) When I got to the last issue it had "Eisner Award Winner" printed on the cover. Deserved, I say.

I don't think posting single pages will do it justice or convey its awesomeness, since it's really the development of plotlines and characters that makes it so good. It never once felt awkward.

There have been some scans posted on [ profile] scans_daily:

A touching scene:

The tinman being funny, part 1

The tinman being funny, part 2 (one of my favorite scenes)

This one be for [ profile] pam_hikaru:

"Customs" in Nova Roma...
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See how desperate I am.

Was checking out Gay League's List of GLBT comic characters. Found Top Ten. Got wannabe-geeky-un-sci-but-fi-cracky comic mystery story.

The weirdness. )

I absolutely have no idea why, but I'm looking forward to reading the second issue. :P

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I think I may love this one. I love the style. (No surprise since it's pretty similar to John Bolton's. :D)
The story seems to be decent enough to justify actually spending money on this.

Pages 26-32 of the first book. )

"Confessions of a Blabbermouth"

And I was determined not to like this one, because I'm not a fan of the quick&dirty style. At all. But the writing sort of amuses me.

Especially this page about THE BLOGGER. "Did you ever see so many LIES in one place before. XD

You can download the whole preview in pdf format from DCCOMICS.


Apr. 23rd, 2007 02:04 am
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