May. 2nd, 2009

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Happy by whose standards?

In a documentary rich kids said poor people can't be happy, and poor kids said rich people can't be happy. And it occured to me that people do that very often - look at someone's situation and pass judgement about that someone's happiness, or chance at happiness.
And I realized how lucky and even blessed I am to be surrounded by people - at home, at work, at the stable, when I meet with friends... who accept my version of happiness as what it is - my own version of happiness, even if they don't share it or comprehend it. To accept something you don't understand or comprehend is a difficult thing, and the inability to do so is often cause for conflicts. It may be partly because I simply don't bother with people who don't accept, but I believe it's also the way it's communicated. And no, I'm not talking about being gay, I'm talking about the choices I made in my life and the priorities I set. However, even communication is dificult with some people...

Yep, high school reunion is approaching and I'm actually afraid of the young mothers who married their high school sweetheart and work as accountants at the local bank. My best friend offered to hold my hand while I suffer through the event. I let her down the last two times and I'd feel really bad if I chickened out again. *sigh*


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