Feb. 2nd, 2009

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Ok. I still have no DSL at home, but I'm tired of waiting and I am determined to resurrect my OL. There is a huge backlog and I hope you will all be patient and forgive me for asking questions that have been answered already.

So, first and most significant thing I noticed is that my darling is really a star now. :D

I found the blog of a Hiromi-fan who posted some pictures from the AsakoXMeoXMoriXHiromi talk.
And pictures from a DVD showing Hiromi and Ai-chan (shirosaki) together XD XD <3 <3, and because it's all chinese I have no idea at all what it is. But it's Hiromi featured, so it's very cool. XD She looks great and I want to see it, so if anyone can give me a hint what it is... <3 <3 <3

And there are pictures of Hiromi and Saeko in the same, uh, Kimono? XD Sooooo adorable.

And there's another one! XD

Yes, definitely blogs I'll be watching. :D

And then there's this.

I don't have my library here to check details, but some time after her shinko time Mami changed her autograph from this to this. And now Hiromi did the same, I think around the time she appeared in the YSG, her autograph changed from this (Ayana♪) to this. Mami's changed from unreadable to readable, and Hiromi's from readable to unreadable. But it's the change itself that I think is noteworthy. :D :D :D How common is it for them to change their autograph? Did anyone notice their star changed their signature?

Oh, and some eye candy (click on the small image). <3

Gods, I missed so much. Lots of Sarah Haskins, too. She's also on the star track with her show and offering an alternative to tonight's super tv event. XD

- Target Women Investigates: How the Today Show is trying to kill Ann Curry.
- Target Women: Super Bowl Promo. Sarah advertizing the one and only alternative to the Super Bowl: Get drunk watching best of cute blondes Target Women. :P
- Target Women Super Special

All here.


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