Jan. 1st, 2009

kyanited: (Hiromi Dreams)
Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope the hangover wasn't too bad.

I know I should have skipped the last round of schnapps, because I had a bad dream. It was good, but bad. Some say that dreams in the first night in a new bed come true. Not sure about dreams in the first night of the new year... I dreamed the next performance would be Hiromi's last. T___T I also dreamed of shopping for every single last Hiromi item. That was the good part. ;)

I'm cleaning out my stuff and found an old Star Trek calendar and it made me wonder if there's a zuka daily or weekly calendar/organizer sort of thing? I would very much want it :P. and if there isn't, it's time they put one out. Better than any pocket calender. You know, an organizer with random facts and little pictures / stories stuff sorta thingie. I think I'd use it for every last detail of my day that can be planned. :P


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