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[Seen at the Yahoogumi]

Charlie is/was dancing. :D :D :D

With ANJU.

And she was reported wearing a black tux. :P

Linkey news 1.
Linkey news 2. (different picture :P)
Linkey chirashi.

of Anju
of Anju
of Anju, Charlie ^^

Some more random Charlie pics.

PS: Do the [ profile] takarazuka_news and [ profile] zuka_jinjibu feeds still work for anyone?
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I wanted to do that for a while: A collection of [almost] all my icons.

Took me a while to prepare and edit the code for this.
LJ actually has a size limit for posts. -____-

426 icons, 12.6 MB, some animated. (Completeness took precedence over prettiness.)

Kya's Icons: Editor's Cut. )

You're free to use any of them, but

1.) Please let me know which ones you're taking.

2.) Please let me know if you plan to use them as bases.


- base #018 provided by [ profile] stone_osada
- base #019 provided by [ profile] falcon_wap
- bases #118-121 provided by [ profile] mohanataka
- bases #226 provided by [ profile] ekusudei
- base #278 provided by [ profile] vicky_licious
- bases #280 provided by [ profile] stone_osada
- base #333 provided by [ profile] muffin_song
- base #337 provided by [ profile] sumire_no_hana
- base #422 provided by [ profile] bluerevue

(It's been a while since I did many of those. Let me know if I forgot to credit someone.)


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