Aug. 8th, 2008 12:14 pm
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* I only now noticed that for the '99 Special, Mami was wearing Miki's suit AGAIN (like she did before, which left Tamo the choice between the tsuki and the hoshi suit, and she chose Noru's. Otherwise it may have looked to much like an exchange or mistake. :P Tom and Zunko properly wore their respective troupe colors. :D

* There is a lovely Aqua5 music video on niconico douga.

* For those who haven't seen it yet, pictures of Mariko and Tamo in their Cinderella costumes.

* For those who haven't noticed yet, Mami and Tartan have been double-casted for the role of Susan in Desperately Seeking Susan. OMG. There's Ooura, too. OMG.

And thank you SO MUCH for the good wishes and lucky vibes.
m(_ _)m ♥ ♥ ♥
You are the best. <3

I have two options secured now and should be able to make a calm decision over the weekend. I should also have the time now to make some screenshots of "Beautiful Beast" and "Time Adagio". And maybe some scans... so look out. ^^

I'm also suffering from Hiromi deprivation. Can't wait for the Aqua5 and Berubara DVD's to be released. Dammit. Hurry up, Hankyu.

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(All images are thumbs and upon cklickage lead to slightly bigger versions.)

May 1998, TCA Special, all top stars in Gen's favorite Takarazuka costumes:

May 1998, TCA Special, Maya Miki:

May 1998, TCA Special, Makoto Tsubasa:

August 1998, MIX Dinner Show, Makoto Tsubasa:

And then she downright stole the tux from Tamo in the '99 Special:
May 1999, TCA Special, Makoto Tsubasa & Aika Mire:

Now one could argue that maybe she felt a little nostalgic and chose to wear her old troupe's color. Or that moon troupe's white tux had one of those accidents Gen promised they would have should she ever come near them. Or that there's more than one of each color and everyone gets to wear any of those of some time. I don't care. She chose Miki's. :P That's all that counts. To me, anyway. ;)

I may have to post more about this dinner show because it has its moments. Like Mami making Maya-san (Misa Noeru) continously crack up on stage, to the point where she can't hold herself upright anymore. <3 <3


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