Aug. 8th, 2008 12:14 pm
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* I only now noticed that for the '99 Special, Mami was wearing Miki's suit AGAIN (like she did before, which left Tamo the choice between the tsuki and the hoshi suit, and she chose Noru's. Otherwise it may have looked to much like an exchange or mistake. :P Tom and Zunko properly wore their respective troupe colors. :D

* There is a lovely Aqua5 music video on niconico douga.

* For those who haven't seen it yet, pictures of Mariko and Tamo in their Cinderella costumes.

* For those who haven't noticed yet, Mami and Tartan have been double-casted for the role of Susan in Desperately Seeking Susan. OMG. There's Ooura, too. OMG.

And thank you SO MUCH for the good wishes and lucky vibes.
m(_ _)m ♥ ♥ ♥
You are the best. <3

I have two options secured now and should be able to make a calm decision over the weekend. I should also have the time now to make some screenshots of "Beautiful Beast" and "Time Adagio". And maybe some scans... so look out. ^^

I'm also suffering from Hiromi deprivation. Can't wait for the Aqua5 and Berubara DVD's to be released. Dammit. Hurry up, Hankyu.

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrel gets a remake in 2008, again with Tamo, and this time also with Tartan. :P

Tamo in the title picture of Dirty Rotten Scoundrel in 2006.

The official website for the 2008 (If you only want to see Tamo and Tartan, skip the intro and go to 'cast'. Although those pictures are from their agency profiles and can also be found here and here.)

And although her website is in Mami- Tsuki-yellow, her blog is in Hana-pink. XD

I looked a bit around in her blog and found this. I don't remember this being linked anywhere on my flist back in August. Apparently Tamo went to see Osa's Asakiyumemishi:

Osa & Tamo.

ETA: Totally forgot to post what actually brought me to this topic. Someone on the yahoogumi posted a link to Kizuki Ayumu's blog, with a picture of Tamo celebrating her birthday with Hana-OG's.

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I seem to remember someone answered in Becca's Takarazuka Meme that they want to see the life of Mozart made into a Takarazuka musical. I wonder how long it will take. PS: Tartan has a role in the Toho version as Baroness Waldstetten.


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