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Obligatory call from mom. ("28 years of your life are over, that's about a third if you're lucky..." Thanks mom. Love you, too.)

Wednesday night I baked a cake for the people at work, which resulted in a 3 hours "lunch" break.
Then I got a call and was invited to a movie. I accepted and left work, my only accomplishment being that I had written a long email.

Then shopping, then dinner (italian, the high-end version, yumyum), then home, then more shopping... ;)

I got myself some presents :)

3 Hiromi stage photographs
1 Dark Brown Eyes DVD
(Ordered those a while ago, but they only now arrived at Masamichi's)

1 Orpheus in Spiral program
1 1999/03 Graph
1 Program surprise

I'll also relieve Jen of her "Emperor" (Mariko, something I had wished to see right from the start) and "Koi Tengoku/Haru Futatabi" (Hiromi XD <3) videos. :D

And most likely the b-day budget can also cover the Ai no Sonata Le Cinq. ;)

I also got a new DVD burner, which was more a necessity than a present.
And I have an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier now (Canon). Because it was on sale and cost the same as one black and one color cartridge for my old printer (HP). Imagine that. Plus, cartridges for the new one were included.
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