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The Hankyu-Hanshin Holding Group regularly publishes reports for its shareholders. In these reports, there is also information on the Revue's part in the group. Cut for length. )

The report for the last year should be interesting, but isn't out yet.

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I'm sorry for spamming my f-list, but:



What do we have?

- WEEKLY AQUA5 - some sort of blog, lol.

- Mizu educating us about the benefits of using/drinking water. XD XD XD

- The Making Of video and the long and the short version of the CM are up there, too.

- And wallpapers for download.

God, the shininess is BLINDING. *__*

ETA: There's also a lottery for 3500 yukigumi tickets in January. You have to collect 8 barcodes from those water bottles, put them on the postcard and send them in. I've seen the first barcodes and postcards on Yahoo already...

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Hm... maybe Hiromi is specializing in nihonmono...?

Jas is back from Japan and her reports on Hanagumi and Adieu aren't too positive... :-/ She says she thinks she loves Silver Rose Chronicle more than Adieu. (Jas is a rabid Osa fangirl.) What she says about Yukigumi makes me smile, though. Apparently Yumiko and Mizu get along really well. Very much yay. :D Jas told me that in a recent Graph Yumiko says when Mizu calls her Yumikooo~~! it sounds like she's calling her pet and in response Yumiko puts up her hands like a begging puppy. :D <3

Yukigumi (past & present) is growing on me more and more...

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Title: Koitengu (Love Goblin)
Year: 2003
Troupe: Moon
Genre: Nihonmono, Comedy, Bowhall Workshop
TakaWiki: Spring Again / Love Goblin
Warning: Massive, massive spoilers.

Trivia: 2003 was the Bowhall's 25th anniversary and in celebration of that there were bowhall workshops.
Hana, tsuki, yuki and hoshi each had 2 short plays, one of which was always Koitengu, so that there are 4 versions of Koitengu out there. From 2003. Because tsukigumi had done Koitengu before in 1966.
The four 2003 goblins were: Hanagata Hikaru (hana), Ayana Oto (tsuki), Saou Kurama (yuki), Mahiro Shun (hoshi). (Sora also had 2 plays, but not Koitengu.)

The Plot. Or What I think it is. )

Thoughts. )

Each of the 4 version from 2003 has a slightly different cast and a different director, so the story may be a little bit different in each of them.

1001 Screencaps of Hiromi. (Plus one or two of Micchan and Morie.) )
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One of the more detailed reviews of the Robertson Book.

Interesting: The title of the Japanese Translation is/was supposed to be "Dancing Imperialism"...
More pages I have to remember to visit. )


Sep. 9th, 2007 12:16 pm
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Oh, oh, ooohhh...

I just purchased a legal copy of "Time To Love" for 150 Yen, with no Japanese address or Japanese iTunes card required. \o/ All it took was to register an account/email address and a regular, simple credit card (mine is a Master Card).


They also have a pretty promo pic up that I have been looking for. Yay.

Wednesday the song ranked 7th on MUSICO's sales-based hitlist, but yesterday they weren't in the top ten anymore...

Important Note: What you get is a DRM protected wma file (unlimited playbacks, limited number of burns, 1 license reissue). However, there are [legal and somewhat-legal] ways to get rid of the protection, like burning the file on CD and ripping it in whatever format you want or using FairUse4WM, which I can confirm works with this file. Or you use GoldWave (or any other wav-recording software) to record the wave output and save it as mp3 (or whatever you like/need).

ETA: D'oh. Musico is officially listed on the tca pictures website as one of the online music stores where you can get takarazuka music. I thought with everyone just talking about iTunes, this was the only option for us to purchase zuka music online. Since I keep anything Apple far, FAAAAR away from my PC, I wasn't really interested in this option. But Musico obvioulsy works, too, and for everyone who doesn't have a Japanese address it's even easier than the iTunes option.

ETA2: [Link Dump] A picture of shiny, happy OSASA people.
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Before I continue to be dead over all the little clips from Mami shinkos... XD ... another link dump:

Top: Siennes in the classroom
Below: Apparently the announced Osasa part in this year's TCA special has caused more speculation in other communities. XD Osa, Yuuhi and Asako (fltr) doing a scene of Dal Lake no Koi. XD Summary: "OIDE!!" *thwap* ~Turban - make sure it fits.~
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Rika was crying on Mami's last day. Like, sob, snuffle & tears crying. <3

There were tears on Dan's face, too. Mami bravely fought the tears until the end. She had to pause several times, but there were no tears. BIG BOYS DON'T CRY.

I must wonder, though, one article says there have been 100,000 fans when Mami left the theater, and then in the radio program [ profile] babylonclo translated, they say an unprecedented 10,000 have waited for Wao...

Me thinks 100,000 is a bit much, indeed. But the streets *do* look very crowded...
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There are clips on youtube of the Aqua5 performance at the IAAF 2007 opening ceremony. As to be expected a rather crappy quality and only short.

clip 1     clip 2

I'm hoping eventually a longer video, maybe even in better quality, will surface somewhere.

Apparantly a CD release of "Time to Love" is planned. Yay.

ETA: Plus, a nice picture of our 5 "boys" (click on the small picture for a bigger version).


Aug. 10th, 2007 06:51 pm
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Saeko's box set may be sold out, but it still has its own page at TCA pictures, WITH 4 CLIPS. (4 pictures at the top of the page).

(More Sae with glasses in the 3rd video, Jenn!)

ETA: Ok, for the APPLE-challenged: all four clips in a zip file.
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That puddle of glowing goo there, by the keyboard? Yeah, that's me.

I just saw a clip of Mami as Der Tod singing Saigo no Dansu.

That scene must have been a response to fan demand. And they couldn't do more because it would have been one hell of a task to clean the theater from all that goo.
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Well, for all those who have missed it:

Hiromi is in a boyband. YESS! English summary here.

This opening will be on *international* TV. Right? RIGHT?

<sigh>I can barely wait for my Hiromi shinies to arrive. NOIMNOTINLOVE.

Next. Update on the Kiss incident.

Mami, Rika, Ai no Sonata, hot kissing )

While obsessively thoroughly combing YJA, I came across this. There's no way around this, is there? No? Didn't think so, either.


Jul. 31st, 2007 04:17 pm
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I'm sure some of you have read it, I'm also sure some haven't, and some most likely have seen the film.

Erica's review of the 1994 Takarazuka documentary Dream Girls

"Secondly, it's important to remember that Takarazuka was NOT designed to create strong, independent women - its was created to create "good wives, wise mothers." These women are not graduating to positions of financial and personal independence; they are expected to marry and subordinate themselves fully to their husbands-"

I'm quite happy times are a bit different now. *pets movie-star Saeko*

ETA: *also pets movie star Dan-chan*
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Today I made the Tiki-Page for Mami's Bow Hall "Lone Wolf".

It's a show in which Mami plays someone in the media business, who is actually a werewolf created by neo-nazis, who are hunting him now. He falls in love with a prima ballerina who is playing Little Red Riding Hood in a commercial for nosespray with a lousy street performer who plays the wolf. It's 1994 and the opening of the Olympic Games in Atlanta is mentioned, too. </ end moon crack>
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The first time I watched BlueMoonBlue I noticed right away the bunnies in "Venus Hunt". Well, not that there's any way not to notice them :P, but I immediately thought of Sailormoon [Tsukino Usagi]... I knew there was some legend and tradition about the Rabbit on the Moon, but today I bothered to look it up. It's so *sniff* very touching.

Poor Little Wabbit... )
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Yuki's Susano-O and Silver Wolf have just been added to my "I NEED" shopping list.

I think I *might* start to like the Mizu/Komu combi. XD

Oh be still my angst loving heart...! )
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Being the procrastinator that I am I think I won't be really shocked before the last day actually arrived.

In my ideal world, Asako will xxx a few months later, OSASA Enterprise will be founded and they will tour Japan with their own show. *crosses fingers and dreams away*
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I had every intention to make a long post, but I got killed dead before I could even try.

    • For those who haven't seen it yet, there's a Chinese page with tons of zuka pictures. Well, zuka art.
      Kiriyan's Osaka Samurai on the title page pretty much tells you what to expect. There's Zunko, Osa, Takahana, Asako, Kiriyan, Yuuhi, Osasa... basically everyone, /somewhere/. Browsing the gallery is easy - just click on the colored squares. It's fun. Really. I love the Kiriyan pics. It's so obviously Kiriyan XD
    • I lost my 180 GB system drive. I'm running a back-up system to rescue what I can, but I may not be online much (IM & chat). Thanks to my experience with previous system deaths, the software backup and My Documents are on a separate drive, so the number of casualties should be low. My 50GB music partition was on the dead drive, though, and I bought A LOT of songs online. :(((
    • I bought Datenshi.
    • Hiromi looks much better in the pics Elise posted. (<3 merci beaucoup) I'm very glad and hope those are newer than the YJA-pics.


May. 10th, 2007 02:25 pm
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I saw that post on the Tiki (= "make some predictions about how they [93rds] will do") and was about to write a reply but it turned into a lengthy babble and I thought the full version might be better suited for LJ :P

RIKU! Heh, she looks like a KomuXTomuXGaichi love child, so yeah, VERY promising. ^^ Plus the name, plus the height, plus being one of the top four... - kinda makes her a sure bet.

Until now I had only looked at the new moonlets, and I had favorited Hanahi Mira and Hoshina Yutaka. :D

The new additions to Osa's harem seem to be very, very cuddly, too... like... XD Taiga Rin <3

There are two more whose pictures kind of left an impression with me:

Suzuran Maaya... I've looked her deep in the eyes... and was lost... XD She'll either leave early :( for a non-zuka career or she'll become kumichou. :P I definitely want to see more than just an Otome picture of her. And since I'm all about visuals I don't care if she can sing as long as one of her skills is decent enough to get her some time in the spotlight (or close to it, since spotlight+otokoyaku+hat=OT3). :D

Natsuki Rei - she just has that look... XD <3

And two more:

Kazami Keito... her favorite flowers are sun flowers. How can you not love that? But she's very pretty and seems too nice - she may be taken from us much too early by some prince charming... :(

And... 'just because': Asei Itsuki. I'm thinking she might be a good dancer. :)

- All just for fun of course, because, yeah, "they haven't really done anything yet" and since I haven't even seen the whole ranking, this is really just some superficial 'judging the show by its chirashi'. :P
So no one bash me, now or later, for my poor judgement. :-/
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After a spoonful of reality fed to me yesterday, I felt like making this.
Please take and use in abundance where appropriate [and where not]. :P

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Yuki I - Wao Youka
Hoshi - Kozuki Wataru
Sora - Yumeki Noa
Hana - Ranju Tomu
Tsuki - Tsukifune Sarara
Yuki II - Ayana Oto

*eagerly awaits Hiromi's first personal book*
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So yes, there were these clips on youtube of a tv-show featuring dancer!ex-'sienne!RIKA

I rather enjoyed the first part (link to YT).
The music and the dancing... yumm.

Then I got to the second part... )

The road to hell  heaven insanity is paved with Zuka-ness. I'm on my way.
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››"She' the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. I love her and only ever think and dream of her," a young woman swooned as she clutched a photograph of a Takarazuka star to her breast while we stood in the lobby of the Grand Theater in Takarazuka. "Don't you think she's lovely, too?" she asked. Undoubtedly, the picture of Makoto Tsubasa decked out in a silvery gray shirt, tie and navy blue suit was that of a stunningly beautiful woman who could easily have been a model,...‹‹

On Asaji Saki:
››1000 Days is one of the biggest theaters in Tokyo, and Asaji fills it. She is only 170cm (just shy of 5'6"), but can cross its stage in a few giant strides. Her makeup is swarthy; her hair is cropped short with the forelock left long, the trademark style of otokoyaku, the actresses who play men in this all-female revue. "Her embracing power and untamed spirit project real masculinity into her male roles," say the gold-on-black T-shirts her fans wear.‹‹

››But Asaji's forte is considered to be acting and dancing. And because each Takarazuka troupe's repertory is built around the strengths of its Top Star, the Star Troupe is a showcase for high drama and grand staging. In the first half of the double-bill show, Asaji played Nero in 'Emperor," an original musical romance culminating with the sacking of Rome, the stage enveloped in flames, with collapsing pillars and chunks of mortar tossed onto the stage. She didn't have time to fiddle.‹‹

Heh, I want to see that...
(♥_♥) Mariko...

››The fantasy of Takarazuka and the public relations machine that enforces its secrets is the subject of a controversial new book by Jennifer Robertson, "Takarazuka: Sexual Politics and Pop Culture in Modern Japan" (University of California Press 1998). You won't find the book in Quatre Reves, the shop next to the theater devoted to Takarazuka books, manga and memorabilia. According to Robertson, she was stonewalled and sabotaged by the Takarazuka establishment every step of the way as she tried to pull aside the veil and uncover the truth behind the all-female theater and its huge female following. That's understandable: Takarazuka is all about the veil.‹‹
[Indeed, it is understandable. I see nothing wrong, and if she would have understood that very basic thing about Takarazuka, she wouldn't have complained, and maybe wouldn't even have tried to write a book about it.]

››The relationship between Takarazuka and the fans is love-hate. While distancing itself from them, Takarazuka shamelessly exploits the electricity and tease of androgyny. Obviously, if it wanted its actresses to play men with verisimilitude it wouldn't dress them in heels and coif their hair. Unlike Kabuki's onnagata, who betray no trace of their masculinity, Takarazuka actresses wear their gender like a filmy costume.‹‹

[I haven't read Robertson's book, and after reading the reviews I've decided I don't want to read it. Even if some small things here and there might be actually different - I have the feeling articles like this tell more and spoil less than a book about "how it really works".]

One last:

››At the same time, a review in the Guardian newspaper dismissed the show, calling it "Curiously sexless". But this attempt to pan the show is in fact closer to the truth than the reviewer may have intended. After all, while attitudes toward sex in Japan remain liberal to this day, the prominent sex industry is run by and for men. Takarazuka provides a form of escape from this harsh reality for many women.‹‹

Takarazuka is an expensive but safe hobby. :D


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