Jul. 31st, 2007 04:17 pm
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I'm sure some of you have read it, I'm also sure some haven't, and some most likely have seen the film.

Erica's review of the 1994 Takarazuka documentary Dream Girls

"Secondly, it's important to remember that Takarazuka was NOT designed to create strong, independent women - its was created to create "good wives, wise mothers." These women are not graduating to positions of financial and personal independence; they are expected to marry and subordinate themselves fully to their husbands-"

I'm quite happy times are a bit different now. *pets movie-star Saeko*

ETA: *also pets movie star Dan-chan*
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The first time I watched BlueMoonBlue I noticed right away the bunnies in "Venus Hunt". Well, not that there's any way not to notice them :P, but I immediately thought of Sailormoon [Tsukino Usagi]... I knew there was some legend and tradition about the Rabbit on the Moon, but today I bothered to look it up. It's so *sniff* very touching.

Poor Little Wabbit... )
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Just for the record, I'm siding with LJ and WFI.


Sure, LJ may have jumped the gun, but they admitted mistakes, and since they only suspended and not deleted the journals, the few truly "innocent" journals can be restored.

I wonder how many people jumped the bash-WFI-bandwagon without even reading their statement:

Apparently it was LJ's decision to extend the criteria/action.

But I also think people read and agreed to LJ's rules and regulations when they subscribed, plus LJ is no lawless space, everyone shold be aware of that, and should be aware that if they create profiles that potentially indicate illegal content or content that does not keep with the rules, they'll be picked up. Just like I may be picked up when I'm walking the street alone at night with a crowbar and a flashlight, even if I'm just coming from [perfectly legal] work.
[And I already have been picked up by the police just for walking along the highway with a hammer, a compass and a helmet in daylight. But I was aware what kind of impression I might give to some people and was neither surprised nor unprepared.]

People need to take some responsibility for their own actions, too, namely naming their journals, creating profiles, describing their communities. I don't think anyone is really 'innocent' here. (Except maybe the children whose nude pictures were posted in years-old LJ communities.)
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My favorite book when I was 16/17, given to me by someone very special and very dear, who 'entrusted' me with her copy.

Demian about the story of Cain and Abel:

We walked on. I felt very self-conscious. Suddenly
Demian laughed as though something had struck him as

"Yes, when we had class together," he burst out. "The
story of Cain who has that mark on his forehead. Do you
like it?"

No, I didn't. It was rare for me to like anything we had
to learn. Yet I didn't dare confess it, for I felt I was being
addressed by an adult. 1 said I didn't much mind the story.

Demian slapped me on the back.

"You don't have to put on an act for me. But in fact the
story is quite remarkable. It's far more remarkable than
most stories we're taught in school. Your teacher didn't
go into it at great lengths. He just mentioned the
usual things about God and sin and so forth. But I be-
lieve—" He interrupted himself and asked with a smile:

"Does this interest you at all?"

"Well, I think," he went on, "one can give this story
about Cain quite a different interpretation. Most of the
things we're taught I'm sure are quite right and true, but
one can view all of them from quite a different angle than
the teachers do—and most of the time they then make
better sense- For instance, one can't be quite satisfied with
this Cain and the mark on his forehead, with the way it's
explained to us. Don't you agree? It's perfectly possible
for someone to kill his brother with a stone and to panic
and repent. But that he's awarded a special decoration for
his cowardice, a mark that protects him and puts the fear
of God into all the others, that's quite odd, isn't it?"

"Of course," I said with interest: the idea began to fas-
cinate me. "But what other way of interpreting the story is
"Does this interest you at all?" )
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Why Exotic Pets Should Not Be Banned » The Ever-Present Danger

"It can take as much as $150,000 or more to raise just one of them. Many caretakers are ill equipped to handle such a creature, resulting in the deaths of around 2,000 of them every year in the United States alone due to abuse or neglect. [...] Training is a vital part of raising this creature, yet many caretakers implement little or no training. [...] On the loose, the destructive habits of these creatures costs taxpayers, local businesses, and local governments millions of dollars every year. [...] This creature is known for its potentially aggressive and often unpredictable behavior. Every year in the United States, approximately 6.9 out of every 100,000 Americans are attacked and killed by these creatures. [...] As many as 4 million of these creatures are born in the United States every year--most under the care of private "owners". A startling 17% of these owners are under the age of 20! It is all completely legal.[...] What can be done to stop this startling trend and protect human lives and the environment? The answer is [here]"
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Life holds nothing terrible for the one who has made it plain to himself that there is nothing terrible in not-living. Thus, whoever says he fears death, not because it will bring pain but because it comes some day, is talking into the blue. For what when it comes does not bother us, because we are dead, cannot bring us pain; we can only imagine it while we wait. So the alleged most eerie evil, death, is without meaning to us, because as long as we're here death is not, and as soon as death arrives we're gone.

So death has no meaning for either the living or the dead; to one it does not apply and to the other it does not exist.

The majority, though, dread death as the worst of all evils; others regard it as a repose from life's struggles. Whereas the wise neither reject life nor fear not-living. For neither does life displease him nor does he consider not living to be something bad.

[ Epicurus (341–270 B.C.) ]

What I fear, what I always feared, is and was physical pain, and especially not knowing if and when the pain ends or I stop being aware of it.


Dec. 4th, 2006 10:58 am
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"...giving me that stare that women always get when they're saying something that doesn't make sense but you're supposed to understand it anyway."

["When Arguments End"]
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"There is no point in forcing you to accept help, because
this kind of help will not be treasured and will be discarded
eventually. You have to be the one to want to be saved. You have
to be the one asking for help. You allowed yourself to be abused
because you think you do not deserve any better. The first step
in breaking free of your chains is to regain your dignity, your
sense of self-worth and the confidence in your own abilities and

[Someday...we will shine]
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at the bottom of sadness
smiles are the most genuine
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Love makes promises you have to keep.

I tried to keep my promises.

Terry Moore, "Strangers in Paradise"

You weren't even aware of the promises you made. You were caught up in the moment and toyed with my life. I could never hate you or resent you. You're the sunshine in my heart; you're burning me from the inside.
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[among friends] shared sorrow is halved sorrow, shared joy is doubled joy.

but if he shares his pain with you, it will halve your joy; and if you share your joy with him, it will double his pain.

so don't ask him to be your friend.

big L

Oct. 30th, 2006 05:46 pm
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love makes for loyalty
true love makes for true loyalty
unconditional love makes for unconditional loyalty

[is true conditional?]
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"You’re so afraid of being caught in something you don’t want, you don’t know when you should surrender."

eXposure - Must Read TV, ep. 17
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18:47 » Φ «  Δ 
I went out to look at the city. Her city. Even when I had been standing there with him, with Ganossa, it had been her city, and we had been trying to take it from her.
I looked at the destruction the last battle had caused. Like ants they had immediately started to repair the damage. But the rain had stopped all activity, and the picture was the same morbid still life I was used to.
It's still her city. But she is not here, not with them. And I briefly wondered, if they were aware of what had befallen their guardian angel. What would they do if they knew what she had done?
She had traded her life, her soul, for mine. She gave herself to Nemesis to save a Lucifer Hawk. She turned her back on her city to save her own flesh and blood. They would hunt her, like they used to hunt us when we were children. The devil's children.
ro.che » Ξ «  ∇ 

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17:08 » Φ «  Δ 
It's raining.
I miss standing on the rooftops, watching the city crouching under the dark clouds.
Chief Isozaki offered to stay with Rally for a moment so I may get some »fresh air«. I laughed. This planet hasn't seen any »fresh air« for decades. Earth's atmosphere is barely breathable, highly polluted and contaminated. But as long as there is some oxygen in the mix, it serves the purpose and people are still out on the streets. Until it rains.
The rain is washing the dirt from the air, coming down as deadly acid, chasing the humans into their shelters, washing from the streets a different kind of dirt.

Rally and I, we're children of Nemesis. Earth's rain does not harm us. The skin tingles on contact, we're half human, too, but there's no damage.

I always enjoyed looking down at the empty city. A calm joy, without excitement. No hurry, no haste, no hustle. A whole city impeded by a drizzle. No Lucifer Hawk attack has ever had this effect.

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00:23 » Φ «  Δ 
I have no home.

Mana offered to take me with her, but I declined. I don't think I could stand it. And I don't want to leave Rally. Not as long as she is.... like this.

Mana insisted that I get some sleep. I reminded her politely of what I am. I don't need sleep. I need to be here, with Rally. I won't leave her, I won't lose her again.

Mana still insisted that I need to take care of myself. Rally will need me when she wakes up.

At last, Chief Isozaki had a second bed brought into Rally's room. She never gives up. When I had been fighting her, I found that to be an annoying trait. Sometimes amusing, sometimes pathetic, when she tried to protect Rally's life, ready to give her own. Now her persistence is not any less annoying. But I am thankful. I know, ultimately it's Rally she cares about. But for now I can ignore that. I am tired. Tired from watching Rally, and tired of guarding myself. Ever since I left her, I had been watching her, and ever since I joined the Lucifer Hawk, I had to guard myself against everyone around me.

There is no friendship among the Lucifer Hawk, only loyality to power. And when you let your guard down, you'll be overpowered.

Finally, I can get some rest. Ironic that it's in the presence of those who had been my worst enemies only a short time ago.

But with Mana, I feel safe. I could always trust her. She is a reliable opponent. I have known her for years. She is honest. She has no secret agenda. If I had to fear her now, I would know.
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03:37 » Φ «  Δ 
/ Chief.
/ Rosa.
/ Are you checking on me or on her?
/ Both, I think. - Any change?
/ No, she is still sleeping.
/ Rosa. You, of all people, know that she is not sleeping.
/ It's not a coma.
A sigh.
/ It's a healing dreamscape.
/ I know, Rosa. We created it. Still, it doesn't mean...
/ No, she will wake up! She will come back! ... she wants to.
A gasp.
/ Rosa - ! You did not... ?
/ I had to. There were things that needed to be said.
/ But Rosa! The risk! You could have -
/ - been trapped there, yes. But I had to make sure she knows.
/ Rosa, don't you know? You are the only one she would come back for. You are the anchor. If she came back only to find you a mindless shell... - it would destroy her.

So, that's the truth. They take care of me because they think I am the key to her return.
I tried to hurt her, for so long. And they protected her, from me, from her real family. But am I real, when it was them who stood by her side? Aren't they her family, her real family, shouldn't she come back for them?
She forgave me, every single time, but they could not.
In that dreamscape... She was so beautiful, so strong. Her smile... like an angel...
I don't blame them.
I cannot forgive myself.
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20:15 » Φ «  Δ 
She is still sleeping.
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There's so much I want to do, so much I want to achieve, I just don't know where to start or how to do it. I realize that I will have to learn and that the best way to learn is to learn from people. Sure, books are written by people, too, but they don't answer individual questions, they cannot adapt to an individual way of thinking, individual logic, knowledge or experience. Books are either written to promote the author's way, or they're written to match with the average knowledge and experience of a broad public or general readership.
I'm seeking guidance, I seek answers, I need instructions. I want to learn where to start and how to do things. How to fix things. And I want to learn from people, because only there lies the most valuable knowledge next to own experience.
But just like books, I will have to find the 'right' people, those who can teach me what I want and need to know. I realize, I have to get to know people. The problem is that I don't want anyone to get to know me.

I will give and tell what I have and know, but I don't want to tell about myself. Because I know people will leave, and when they leave, they take all their knowledge, all their thoughts, all their realizations with them, and also the parts of me that they've seen. I feel like every parting, silent or wordy, takes /me/ apart, takes parts from me and spreads them, takes them away and reduces what stays here, together, at the same place. When I'm getting thinner this way, how can people say it makes us stronger. It spreads us, and if you spread a dough, it covers a bigger area, but it's getting thinner everywhere.
I want to keep myself together, I want to keep track of myself, know where I am, keep in touch with all my parts. That's why I'm so reluctant to give them away. Why I stay away from people, why I don't get to know them, why I don't find the teachers and the guidance that I seek. I know this way I'm making life a lot harder for myself. But I'm just too fond of my self. ^^
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People should be "allowed" to reject gifts that harm them, that make them sad or unhappy.

People shouldn't be forced to accept a burden just because it's labeled "gift".

People should be allowed to reject God's gift of life, if it only causes them pain and grief.
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"Perhaps the pain is a way of making you remember? Perhaps you really do not wish to forget, or perhaps the person who caused this wishes you to not forget."



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