Jul. 22nd, 2008 06:58 am
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From the LENOVO homepage:

The Microsoft Windows XP Conversion Kit enables users to convert their computers from the preinstalled version of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system to the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

The XP Conversion is only offered for customers who have Vista Business or Vista Ultimate installed from Lenovo, with the accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.

The XP Conversion is offered on applicable ThinkPad, ThinkCenter and ThinkStation products.

*pets Win2003 Thinkpad*
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"Edge Of Chaos - Independence War 2" - Your usual space adventure: ship + crew + weapans + bad guys = mentertainment.

The crew consists of 4 men, 1 AI and 2 women.


Cool and enigmatic, little is certain about XenaAzraelle. She is an exceptional riderpilot and was once a warlordpirate of some considerable renown.


Young and idealistic GabrielleLori is Xena'sAz’s close friend and ally. Smart and enthusiastic, what GabrielleLori lacks in [combat] experience she makes up for with dogged persistence.


I'm so easily amused by these things. *goes to play the game and see what happens*
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You'll love it / her.

Sarah Haskins Interview & Target Women clips.

Hilarious. Smart. Pretty. - - Blond. ^^ ♥ How can you not have a [girl] crush on her?

Her latest "Target Women" is about Botox.

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Smile - And Show Your Teeth

(About the effect and perception of smiles in different cultures and times.)

"In Japan, it is tradition to find dental irregularities charming. An asymmetrical tooth appears to us to be something charming (kawai). On the other hand, we esteem that having regular teeth shows that one has quite a cold character, even a cruel one (zan-nin). Beautiful women in large towns have irregular teeth. The women in Kyoto are reputed and prized in this way for their irregular teeth."

(Japanese writer Junichiro Tanizaki.)

"In Heian’s times the ladies at court painted their teeth black (it became a distinctive feature of a married woman). [...] The heroine of the tale 'Lady who loved insects' perfects this eccentricity by displaying bushy (not plucked) eyebrows and natural teeth. 'How horrible!' exclaims one servant, 'Her eyebrows look like hairy caterpillars and her teeth like peeled caterpillars.' A captain who 'was interested in the young lady changes his mind when he notices the thick black eyebrows that mark her face with an unpleasant boldness and above all at the sight of her unblackened teeth that shine in a horrible way when she laughs.'"

Formal Court Costume of Medieval Japan (with black teeth)
(From Japanese Costume Making)

My undamaged copy of Genji should arrive today - Amazon's 3rd attempt to deliver a 3.5lbs paperback in mint condition. -__- You'd think they learn.

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Never end a sentence with a preposition, because it will cause irritable syntax syndrome.

  • "Winston Churchill's rejoinder beloved by all who hate learning silly rules: 'This is the sort of English up with which I will not put' (St. Martin's Press, 1997, p. 55)."

  • "even though great literature from Chaucer to Shakespeare to Milton is bristling with sentences ending in prepositions."

  • "At any rate, this is a rule that modern grammarians have tried to get us out from under."

  • Phew!

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    When the real news get too disturbing, I'm often looking at the tech news.

    My first smile this morning:

    "Custom wetsuit protects patchy penguin"

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    Kya is NOT a happy rock.

    Two shipments of zuka goods are overdue and unaccounted for. :-/

    And I had to euthanize (incinerate) my Weighted Companion Cube. T___T

    That's why I don't play video games, they're too cruel.

    And some people make fun of it:CubeCake. :(
    ("You will be baked. And then there's cake.")

    - One of the very few video games that really amused me on every level: Portal.
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    "This amounts to mental suicide. Resisting what we can't control removes us from reality, rendering our emotions, circumstances and loved ones inaccessible. The result is a terrible emptiness, which we usually blame on our failure to get what we want. Actually, it comes from refusing to accept what we have."

    (Found at: CNN.com/living)

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    Mom's addicted to Harry Potter video games. And asked to me to dig out the StarTrek Voyager games I have. And of course I couldn't resist and had to start playing again. And I remembered why I loved StarTrek: Elite Force:

    The femslash-y subtext.

    In the original game, the player can choose between a male and a female character (Alex/ander/andria Munro), but the possible love interest for both is a woman (Telsia). ^^

    This is "fixed" in Elite Force 2, where it's only Alexander and the hints at the romantic development become more explicit. :(

    But someone created an Alexandria mod for the final "happy end" sequence. XD

    Elite Force 1 takes place aboard the Voyager. There is a virtual tour on which one can explore all relevant decks and locations. This must be a great reference for fanfic-writers. :)
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    I found a new toy: TVU. Hundreds of TV channels from around the world for free, most of them either chinese, news or sports. :P :P But there's also:
    - japanese Sony music channel showing J-rock and J-pop music videos,
    - 10 or so Chinese cartoon channels (with english subtitles ^^),
    - one chinese Hollywood movie channel (with chinese subtitles :P),
    - a Battlestar Galactica channel from Sweden (in English),
    - DragonBall TV from Britain,
    - SciFi channel (Doctor Who, Stargate Sg-1, Stargate Atlantis, StarTrek: Enterprise)
    - CBS (CSI NY, CSI Las Vegas)
    - Comedy Central
    - NASA TV, lol, showing pictures from the ISS ^^ <3

    They log your IP and decide based on your location what you're allowed to watch and what not. A proxy connection could fix this problem. I don't see a recording button anywhere, so you'll have to watch live.

    There are also channels from Brazil, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Australia, France,...

    If they offered it, I'd subscribe to SkyStage. :P They already have one subscription channel, so who knows, maybe some day that will be possible. ^_^
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    I now officially belong to those people who will confirm that a hard drive that doesn't spin up may be revived temporarily by putting it in the fridge for 1-2 hours. It worked twice for me, with two different drives.

    For anyone who might need to try it: remember to wrap the drive tightly in a plastic bag before putting it in the fridge/freezer (I also keep it wrapped in a towel when reconnecting it to the system) to prevent condensation.
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    Disclaimer: Un-betaed stream of conscience.
    Credit: That red wine over there.

    Once upon the time there was a super sweet flower with super cute dimples growing in the shadow of Supersunflower, snatching some limelight here and there, secretly budding and slowly gathering more and more color within still closed petals. One day she was asked by a pretty cool but dreadfully starcolor depleted mix of snow and water to be the Silver Star* in their latest production of the legendary Elisabeth composition. The Silver Star was an endangered, heavily protected, precious wildflower, and only after much begging and payment of a huge security deposit in pure gold the flowers reluctantly agreed to help and lend out their shy, sweet and cute flower to the friends in need.

    Our super cutely dimpled flower really enjoyed growing up in the cuddly warmth between all the colorful flowers, and all the colorful flowers loved their little shy friend, and it was with many tears that they eventually parted.

    But once the Silver Star had experienced water's freshness and found itself gently covered with cool but warming snow, it started to feel at home. All the shiny little snow stars glistened in the sunlight and slowly retreated when the sun grew stronger and the little Silver Star started to lift its head and turned to the sun. Droplets of water pearled from its petals as they opened and its buds turned into beautiful blossoms.

    The flowers watched with jealousy what the snow and water had done to their precious treasure and demanded it back after one year's time, as this was the agreed loan period.

    But the water and the snow refused to let go off their precious Silver Star. And after the year was over the Silver Star also had been enthralled by the abundance of water and cool warmth of snow and did not want to leave its shiny newfound home.

    Now it was the flowers' turn to beg, and they reminded snow and water of the huge security deposit in pure gold. But snow and water had learned that the treasure they had gotten hold of could not be measured in worldly goods and told the flowers to keep the gold - they would keep the Silver Star.

    During the year that our Silver Star had been absent, the flowers had befallen a bitter tragedy: They had lost their Supersunflower to harsh, cold reality. All the flowers were very sad and many cried. When they learned that they had also been robbed of one of their most precious, promising, shining wildflowers, they knew they were facing a time of dark, lightless night.

    But flowers cannot survive without light, and while the stars had given them one of their own, its light was still not bright enough. Desperately they tried to find more light, but the stars could not afford to give away another one of their own and in the cosmos every light was unreachably far away.

    So the flowers turned to the moon and asked for some light to guide them through the night. But the moon also had trouble keeping itself together. Never-ending cycles of losing and gaining had made it very stingy and unwilling to voluntarily share any of its light. The flowers hung their heads and were about to lose all hope when they suddenly remembered the huge amount of gold deposit from the treacherous snow and water. Upon seeing the wealth the moon quickly decided that giving one quarter to the flowers would not affect its shininess too much.

    With the gold the moon bought some shiny bling for its remaining three quarters so they could shine brighter and compensate for the fourth's absence.

    TBC by TPTB...

    )* (Etoile d'Argent), Franz' and Sissi's favorite flower.


    Dec. 20th, 2007 05:12 pm
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    I'm not sure what to make of this:

    Does that mean all my gay pr0n has been deleted...? Will I have to check my zuka folder or would its disappearance fall under 'decampment'?

    (from System Mechanic's report panel)
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    My favorite CNN read of the day:


    The love of my life is seeing other women. It started innocently enough, a bite to eat, a stroll through the park -- the stuff I never have time for. Then came the private jokes, the pet names, the stolen kisses, the bubble baths.

    At first I was crushed. What did these women have that I didn't? Sure, they're gorgeous, but I happen to look very nice in navy; and, yes, they're bright, but I scored unbelievably high on the SATs ... if you don't count the half with all that math.

    I told myself it was just a fling, but a blind man could see that wasn't the case. The truth is this: My daughter, Julia, would follow Dina Sotomayor, her nanny, and Lidra Basha, her babysitter, to the ends of the earth, and the feeling is more than mutual.


    Now, I'd gladly leave it at that, but I can't very well talk about the village it takes to raise Julia without talking about the e-mail that came across my desk yesterday. You see, I recently wrote a column in which I mentioned that one of the things people need most is good, affordable day care for their kids. Here is the response I got from a 30-something Nebraska woman: "I have great news for Lisa Kogan -- 'safe, healthy, fun, warm-hearted day care for kids' does exist. It's called parents. By actually raising the children we choose to bring into the world, we can give our kids all this and more."


    15 years from now (when my daughter is ready for college), four years at a public institution will run somewhere in the neighborhood of $129,788.

    And should Julia be smart enough to get into an Ivy League university, we're looking at roughly $279,760. Fortunately, she recently spent the better part of an hour with her little head stuck inside a shoebox, so affording Harvard may not be an issue.


    But I don't want to fight with you, Miss Nebraska. I've had enough of red state/blue state, your god or mine, tastes great versus less filling. The planet is divided enough at this point, so I'm officially calling for a cease-fire, a moratorium on snarkiness, or at the very least a modicum of tolerance.

    We are better than this -- we are women. We crave potato products, we read witty novels, we notice shoes, we follow our gut, we try to keep men from becoming violent, and believe it or not, Miss Nebraska -- there's one more thing we have in common: When all is said and done, we both want the best for our families.

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    "an open-source filter software that can detect rampant stupidity in written English."

    It doesn't mean that I will defect to Firefox, but I appreciate their idea.

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    It's still not a zuka-only journal.

    As every morning I checked the news (CNN) while having my first cup of coffee. Death, deceit, rape, corruption... the usual.
    Then a report on the Kosovo issue caught my eye. "Kosovo defiant as U.N. talks fail."

    The appointed troika of Russian, US American and European delegates admits that 2 years of talks have reached a dead end and it capitulates.
    None of the parties involved is interested in any sort of compromise. Kosovo wants complete independence, while Serbia and Albania both claim Kosovo as their territory. It seems almost worse than the Middle East conflict.

    Both sides use religious and historical reasons to justify their claims. But as I've been told and taught by my parents, I tried to look at the economical side. ("Follow the money," politics' version of physics' "follow the energy".)
    So I googled Kosovo's economy.

    - It's the region with the lowest per capita income in Europe,
    - it's one of the most corrupt regions in the world,
    - economy itself is weak,
    - unemployment is high,
    - black market for cigarettes and petrol is thriving.

    So why are Serbia and Albania fighting over a region that seems more like a burden than a gain? Religious reasons after all? That would make it like Balkan's own little Jerusalem, eh, with Serbian christians and Albanian muslims fighting to have it all to themselves. o.O
    The Czech Republic got rid of Slovakia as soon as possible. It was a burden: Slovakia's economy was weak and... AH! it had no resources! I google Kosovo and oil and get nothing. What else could be of such importance that they risk another war?

    It's COAL and metal ores. Kosovo has the biggest resources of lignite coal in ALL EUROPE. (Funny thing being that this means "energy" again, so in a way it's "follow the energy"... :P)

    Usually CNN articles are written in a way that nudges you toward an opinion and then add a jibe at the end, giving in two sentences all the information that forces you to reconsider.

    So I was waiting for them to tell me what's really going on. Do they mention coal? Ores? No. In their article, Kosovo is "defiant" and Serbia and Albania have religious reasons. Yeah, right. "It has been estimated that Kosovo's coal, natural gas and metals are worth in total $500 billion [~$625 by now, rising]." (Pravda, 2006)

    Unfortunately I don't have the time to research every headline on my own. :(

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    I was checking the science fiction section for new space opera anime (like Kiddy Grade, Starship Operators, Stellvia of the Universe or at least something like Tactical Roar):

    After establishing contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, it was found that humans were the only race to develop various sports. The number of alien sports fans grew dramatically, and the most fanatic of them regularly harass stadiums for taking part in a game, or demanding a good show, etc. Finally a treaty was settled, ruling all interferences towards other planets' cultures illegal. Rabbit Force, a group of rabbit-themed henshin girls, became responsible for enforcing the treaty and capturing any offenders.


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    There's a hilarious The Facts of Life (80's sitcom) music video. Beware, Jo/Blair femmeslash-y gayness ahead.

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    I'm not a squeer. Not at all. I'm a silent, rational, cool, calm and collected person. Yep.
    Therefore, I will just sit here, cry tears of happiness and do my best Toyoko impression...

    *not sure she will survive the other 1:53h of Hiromi!Lucheni!SissiSinko*


    Jul. 31st, 2007 04:17 pm
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    I'm sure some of you have read it, I'm also sure some haven't, and some most likely have seen the film.

    Erica's review of the 1994 Takarazuka documentary Dream Girls

    "Secondly, it's important to remember that Takarazuka was NOT designed to create strong, independent women - its was created to create "good wives, wise mothers." These women are not graduating to positions of financial and personal independence; they are expected to marry and subordinate themselves fully to their husbands-"

    I'm quite happy times are a bit different now. *pets movie-star Saeko*

    ETA: *also pets movie star Dan-chan*
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    :) The small achievements...

    I wasn't feeling well today, so no work.. I thought maybe I could go shopping for a new VCR, but didn't really feel up to driving around, either, so I stayed home and did nothing. Except staring at my Practical Joke tape. Which would be perfect to pass the time, but watching was impossible with a dead VCR.
    So I did the only logical thing. XD raise the dead. - Yay me.
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    The first time I watched BlueMoonBlue I noticed right away the bunnies in "Venus Hunt". Well, not that there's any way not to notice them :P, but I immediately thought of Sailormoon [Tsukino Usagi]... I knew there was some legend and tradition about the Rabbit on the Moon, but today I bothered to look it up. It's so *sniff* very touching.

    Poor Little Wabbit... )
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    Just for the record, I'm siding with LJ and WFI.


    Sure, LJ may have jumped the gun, but they admitted mistakes, and since they only suspended and not deleted the journals, the few truly "innocent" journals can be restored.

    I wonder how many people jumped the bash-WFI-bandwagon without even reading their statement:

    Apparently it was LJ's decision to extend the criteria/action.

    But I also think people read and agreed to LJ's rules and regulations when they subscribed, plus LJ is no lawless space, everyone shold be aware of that, and should be aware that if they create profiles that potentially indicate illegal content or content that does not keep with the rules, they'll be picked up. Just like I may be picked up when I'm walking the street alone at night with a crowbar and a flashlight, even if I'm just coming from [perfectly legal] work.
    [And I already have been picked up by the police just for walking along the highway with a hammer, a compass and a helmet in daylight. But I was aware what kind of impression I might give to some people and was neither surprised nor unprepared.]

    People need to take some responsibility for their own actions, too, namely naming their journals, creating profiles, describing their communities. I don't think anyone is really 'innocent' here. (Except maybe the children whose nude pictures were posted in years-old LJ communities.)
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    "I would not know what the spirit of a philosopher might wish more to be than a good dancer." (F. Nietzsche)


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