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I wanted to do that for a while: A collection of [almost] all my icons.

Took me a while to prepare and edit the code for this.
LJ actually has a size limit for posts. -____-

426 icons, 12.6 MB, some animated. (Completeness took precedence over prettiness.)

Kya's Icons: Editor's Cut. )

You're free to use any of them, but

1.) Please let me know which ones you're taking.

2.) Please let me know if you plan to use them as bases.


- base #018 provided by [ profile] stone_osada
- base #019 provided by [ profile] falcon_wap
- bases #118-121 provided by [ profile] mohanataka
- bases #226 provided by [ profile] ekusudei
- base #278 provided by [ profile] vicky_licious
- bases #280 provided by [ profile] stone_osada
- base #333 provided by [ profile] muffin_song
- base #337 provided by [ profile] sumire_no_hana
- base #422 provided by [ profile] bluerevue

(It's been a while since I did many of those. Let me know if I forgot to credit someone.)

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Some Tamo and some Saeko in press conference picture & video for SE・MP・O. :) <3

Plus, adorable Yumiko. <3 <3 <3 Pink suits really suit her. XD

Still another 4 weeks until the DVD. AGONY.

I think the schedule announcements have been sufficiently discussed in other journals. Maybe someone wants to make a post to the comm?

Personally, I'm very happy / glad / relieved in terms of Yuuhi news. Ume-chan news, however, is... yah wells. I think it's good they let her have the time she obviously needs for her recovery. But then someone pointed out that there's no MY lead announced for Paradise Prince. ANGST ANGST ANGST. Her names still on the announcement of Singin' In The Rain, so it might just be uncertainty. Like with Gatsby. T____T *frantically knocks on everything wooden in the house* (Btw, where should we send Get Well cards?)

Asako/Kiriyan in a Genji story leaves me sort of indifferent. Sorry. I'm more interested in knowing what Morie does during that time. ;)

Why are they always so late with the Yuki and Hoshi announcements...?!
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Eh, so I *think* them solving the Yuuhi issue by moving her to Hana means we'll keep Yuuhi for a while longer. I was afraid with things being as they were that she'd leave together with Asako.

Best case would have been Yuuhi going for Tsuki kumichou, but that's still not out of the picture. :)

I always thought demotion isn't really an option; so I'm curious to see what will happen, if it's really the demotion it seems to be at first glance.
I'm generally more curious than upset or angry by changes. They're all adults capable of making their own decisions based on the set of options given. And there are always at least two options.

Anyway, a far more fun subject for speculation is HIROMI AS SNOW WHITE. Will she wear a dress? A wig? Will the dress be white and long and fluffy and all princess-y?? ^^ I hope so. <3 XD

Also, squee-inducing clip for Silver Rose Chronicle is up. I LOVE YUMIKO. I need the DVD. Jan. 20th is definitely too late for my comfort. What's taking them so long?

My parents stayed around to watch big parts of Practical Joke with me (I knew they'd like the music :P). They now refer to Mami as "our friend". After that I only showed them revues and by now they know that Komu, Mizu, Yumiko, Kimu, Hamako, Kashi, Rika, Osa, Asako, Kiriyan and Yuuhi are NOT "our friend". XD <3 I love my family.

In TakaWiki news:
I set up a temporary Mami profile here to play around with it until the real thing is back up. I hope Pam and Aya don't mind me using their pictures. If they do, I'll take them down.

When I'm home, I will zip the pages I saved from google page together with an index and post it to [ profile] takawiki_news. It seems that pages are already disappearing from the cache. :(

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the Takarazuka Revue 2007 mook, where the larger photos for each gumi only consisted of the tops and the niban, but since Yuuhi was in there too



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