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D'oh. Some customer service people shouldn't work where they work, or at least consider for a moment that you're asking for help not because you're too dumb or lazy to read, but because the information you're looking for isn't actually where they tell you it is... - The positive reply regarding the Osaka 2007 opening ceremony? T___T The guy told me a date and time at which the opening ceremony hasn't even happened yet (morning session). No, the ceremony is actually NOT the first event like he obviously just /assumed/. Grrr. And their broadcasting of the afternoon session starts /after/ the opening ceremony and the description says nothing about the ceremony, which means... yeah, digest, at best. :'(

I also got an email from za boss, telling me he needs this evaluation asap and that he will be "on standby" all weekend. Which translates to me having a small but exclusive stack of shinies I'M TOTALLY IN THE MOOD FOR, but having to work all weekend :(

I'm taking it positive, though: This weekend has high potential to get better. For example, the last item could finally arrive at masamichi's tomorrow so that I can have the truckload package shipped. (I will try to pay for shipping with my eyes closed. There are things I don't need to know.)
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Mami wrote:




Would one of my madly nihongo skillzzored friends please have pity and tell me that the bolded text doesn't mean Mami is retiring a second time, and that she's just joking about Skystage doing so well that she *could* resign? T_____T


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