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For those registered with Musico:

Those who are not afraid of TEH KANJI and willing to work through a 31-points questionnaire (with the help of excite or google or babelfish) will be rewarded with a 300 Yen voucher ID for/by MUSICO. :)

Go here to enter your email address (the one you registered with Musico) and start the survey.
Once you finished the survey, you will get the ID.

Don't worry if it took too long. When I submitted my answers, it asked me again for my email address and I was able to continue. A summary of your answers will appear, at the end of which you will be asked to submit [送信] or correct [修正] your answers.

You can take the survey until August 29th, the voucher ID's will be valid until October 31st.

If you haven't registered yet,
go here or use the guide.

To register, you only need an email address (no credit card required for registration), and you can register as many email addresses as you want. So if you work hard, you can earn yourself a whole album. :P

Newly registered accounts cannot take the survey, but they get the 300 Yen ID just for registration. :P

How the ID's work:
At the checkout, after confirming your choice, a text field will appear, asking you for the Campaign ID [キャンペーンID]. Just enter the ID and proceed. (See.)

Only ONE SONG can be purchased with each ID, and the ID's only work with the respective email addresses. (Musico will send you a confirmation and your ID via email, so you'll know which ID and email belong together. Make sure you remember the passwords.)

Btw, the male version of Aqua5. :P

ETA: Musico also has the "Elisabeth - Song Premium" album, which includes Mami's rendition of "Saigo no Dansu". XD <3 Oh god, and Mihoko's version of "Madame Wolf's Collection".!! XD


Sep. 9th, 2007 12:16 pm
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Oh, oh, ooohhh...

I just purchased a legal copy of "Time To Love" for 150 Yen, with no Japanese address or Japanese iTunes card required. \o/ All it took was to register an account/email address and a regular, simple credit card (mine is a Master Card).


They also have a pretty promo pic up that I have been looking for. Yay.

Wednesday the song ranked 7th on MUSICO's sales-based hitlist, but yesterday they weren't in the top ten anymore...

Important Note: What you get is a DRM protected wma file (unlimited playbacks, limited number of burns, 1 license reissue). However, there are [legal and somewhat-legal] ways to get rid of the protection, like burning the file on CD and ripping it in whatever format you want or using FairUse4WM, which I can confirm works with this file. Or you use GoldWave (or any other wav-recording software) to record the wave output and save it as mp3 (or whatever you like/need).

ETA: D'oh. Musico is officially listed on the tca pictures website as one of the online music stores where you can get takarazuka music. I thought with everyone just talking about iTunes, this was the only option for us to purchase zuka music online. Since I keep anything Apple far, FAAAAR away from my PC, I wasn't really interested in this option. But Musico obvioulsy works, too, and for everyone who doesn't have a Japanese address it's even easier than the iTunes option.

ETA2: [Link Dump] A picture of shiny, happy OSASA people.


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