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♪Shoob-shoo-bee-doo-bee-doo, Shoob-shoo-bee-doo-bee-doo... ♪

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I wanted to do that for a while: A collection of [almost] all my icons.

Took me a while to prepare and edit the code for this.
LJ actually has a size limit for posts. -____-

426 icons, 12.6 MB, some animated. (Completeness took precedence over prettiness.)

Kya's Icons: Editor's Cut. )

You're free to use any of them, but

1.) Please let me know which ones you're taking.

2.) Please let me know if you plan to use them as bases.


- base #018 provided by [ profile] stone_osada
- base #019 provided by [ profile] falcon_wap
- bases #118-121 provided by [ profile] mohanataka
- bases #226 provided by [ profile] ekusudei
- base #278 provided by [ profile] vicky_licious
- bases #280 provided by [ profile] stone_osada
- base #333 provided by [ profile] muffin_song
- base #337 provided by [ profile] sumire_no_hana
- base #422 provided by [ profile] bluerevue

(It's been a while since I did many of those. Let me know if I forgot to credit someone.)


Nov. 28th, 2007 05:01 am
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Utterly irrational, ridiculously detailed, exhaustingly SPOILERish and deadly wordy... TEXT... about the Joyfull II revue. (Screencaps at Takarazuka Precious here (Chunichi) and here (national tour). More only upon specific request (i.e. name the scene).)

Show: Joyful!! II
Troupe: Snow
Type: Revue
Year: 2007
Version: Chunichi Theater cast.
Cast & Summary: TakaWiki
Preview: TCA Pictures

Wow, just wow. )

This is definitely not the last time I watched it.

In fact, it's already running again. :D

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Hm... maybe Hiromi is specializing in nihonmono...?

Jas is back from Japan and her reports on Hanagumi and Adieu aren't too positive... :-/ She says she thinks she loves Silver Rose Chronicle more than Adieu. (Jas is a rabid Osa fangirl.) What she says about Yukigumi makes me smile, though. Apparently Yumiko and Mizu get along really well. Very much yay. :D Jas told me that in a recent Graph Yumiko says when Mizu calls her Yumikooo~~! it sounds like she's calling her pet and in response Yumiko puts up her hands like a begging puppy. :D <3

Yukigumi (past & present) is growing on me more and more...

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Yuki's Susano-O and Silver Wolf have just been added to my "I NEED" shopping list.

I think I *might* start to like the Mizu/Komu combi. XD

Oh be still my angst loving heart...! )


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