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Radio Kansai has updated their Viva!Takarasienne page with Mariposa cast pictures of Hiromi, Seshi and Mika.

And then there is Hiromi in Mariposa rehearsal.

She don't need no costume... *_____* )
I'm looking forward to the DVD just to get these in high-res. :P

In the Solomon rehearsal, Hiromi, Kaname and Mizu are wearing shirts from the same sponsor, Mizu in red and the two youngsters in white. (And in these pictures Hiromi is wearing a black version of it, which is, of course, my favorite :P) XD

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A Mariposa picture here, here and here.

An Aqua5 picture with blond Teru here. XD (They had been given the honor of singing the national anthem at some professional baseball event. :D )

And while trying to find out what kind of event that was (turned out to be a Mazda All-Star Game at Yokohama Stadium on Friday, August 1st), I found a journal with Japanese TV translations, including a translation of Utaban year-end special Johnny's & Takarazuka's LEGENDARY LAWS.


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