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1. nico now has a マミリカ tag. :)

2. There is only one video with that tag. :(

2a. It's "Gypsy in Black". One of the scenes cut from Le Bolero Rouge for copyright reasons. :)

3. They have a small duet (dance) together. :D

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I'm sorry. I tried to catch up with my f-list, and I started, but I'm just too tired... will continue tomorrow. It's amazing what people posted in barely two days... :D

I spent the last night watching Le Bolero Rouge, drooling over Mami, Rika, Gaichi, Yuuhi, Kiriyan, Tani... hell, I even loved Mai.

As expected, it was full of crack and brain-breaking moments. Will report on that later. Have a little preview, though:

(I fell for it the first, the second and the third time I saw this scene.)
This being a Mami Crack Show™, you *think* you know who is entering and conquering the scene in an extravagant costume (much more extravagant than what the rest of the kumi is wearing that moment):

Surprise, surprise. )
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Watching Le Bolero Rouge one could think Mami was about to retire and they were promoting Rika... :D

Rika as the hero with long, blonde curls (Oscar-style). And Mami as Death. Sorta.


I may have more thoughts on this than I thought... ~~~


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