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Pictures & Interview:

Is it wrong to think of them as cute couple? :P

Mami doesn't seem to mind at all having a younger, female partner again. ^^


And... yet another interview with pictures:

I'm having a hard time / not time to even get the gist of it, but the pictures are big and pretty.

Rika talking to us about SHOUT!
Scarlet Pimpernel clip

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And to think Mami isn't all that tall herself.

A rough translation of the text makes me grin. XD

I hope I'll get the chance to see this interview some day. :D

What a pretty couple. XD

Oh, how quickly some wishes are granted!
YoutubeHQ Download

This so totally makes my Sunday. (If anyone wants to tell me what's being said, please don't hold back. :P)

*Now* I want one of those big posters. :P


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