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So why did I think Lone Wolf was Mami's first lead?

Her first lead was "Le Grand Meaulnes" (1993), when she was still in Hana.
And it's written *everywhere*. I just never bothered to try to translate it. *shame*

This makes three bow hall leads total before she became top star. And the first shortly after her shinjin kouen time. :) (Yes I know others got it earlier!!! I don't care. At least not right now. Even though I love Tani.)
Considering the talk [a reference to Yura and TMS, not actual sienne-bashing] about her having no talent for singing, dancing or acting, this is pretty good. :P And I have a hard time buying the 'cool' thing... because... yeah, she's just too cuddly cute (Houmonsha, '96) to be mistaken for cool. XD

But I digress. Le Grand Meaulnes. A summary of the novel by Henri Alain-Fournier. (Mami is, of course, Augustin Meaulnes.)

And wouldn't we love to see it? baby!Mami, baby!Charlie, baby!Osa and baby!Komu together? :D (Mami's (VHS) and Komu's (DVD) sayonara show videos have footage... ^^)

(How could they waste a whole colored, glossy cover page on a drawing? T___T)

And look! The Houmonsha program even had something for [ profile] fannore. XD <3


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