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Rika & Wataru looking extremely handsome. <3

I love Rika. I love Rika in frilly, shrill-colored, low-cut dresses. But I also love that we get to see her in a dashing suit every once in a while. ^^

Probably also featuring Saeko and Kashi looking extremely handsome, because they're playing otokoyaku, too. XD

[Hoshina] Yuri, Midori, Rui and Kurara are playing musumeyaku. ^^

The 'senior' cast (Rika/Saeko/Yuri-chan/Rui) has the first day, the 'junior' cast (Wataru/Kashi/Midori/Kurara) has the last day. Some mixes in between. Kashi and Rui get to be together on stage, Saeko and Kurara, too, but Rika and Kurara don't. :(

Roles are:
Ryutan - Snow Troupe top star (Rika / Wataru)
Tacchi - Snow Troupe niban (Saeko / Kashi)
Tomo - Snow Troupe top musumeyaku (Yuri-chan / Midori)
Beni - Snow Troupe musumeyaku (Rui / Kurara)

Official website.

Official blog.

Check the [ profile] takarazuka tag for more info.

I'm envious of all those who will get to see it and am looking forward already to extended reports. :P

Also: Saeko's Official Website.
Last time I checked (which was a while ago) it was still under construction.

Cinderella Musical CM is on youtube.


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