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Well, I thought youtube might be able to help me with my decision (even with all the votes for Akanesasu I'm inclined to go for Hoshikage no Hito (they have this cute clip...)). Instead I found this:

Juri interviewing Yura!Tod and Subaru!Elisabeth. *dead* (Plus Morie, Hiromi and Meo being cute. And wearing the same shirts/ties.)

ETA: Also, apparently there has been a Now on Stage! with Mizu, [Yumiko?] and Hiromi. ^^
I have to keep my eyes open for this one. :P

ETA2: Me thinks one of the comments is talking about a spanish medley in which Hiromi has a solo. As soon as this is confirmed, the purchase is settled. :P
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Back. Sleep was bad, food was good. Saw pretty pictures, met nice people, did not write any postcards because I forgot the file with the addies. Sitting in the hotel bar drinking & talking until 2 am didn't do much good.


Hoshikage no Hito/ Joyful! II or Akanesasu Murasaki no Hana / Revue of Dreams ...?


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