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The beauty of Möbius transformations made visible:

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(Terry Pratchett - Discworld Graphic Novel 01 - The Colour Of Magic)


Nov. 16th, 2007 02:05 pm
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(A.C. Crispin: "The Eyes of the Beholders" - Star Trek TNG novel)

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I escaped from Starbase Kyanited!

I killed Merryshannon the maintenance droid, Fannore the shapeshifter, Halfofone the psychic agent, Vicky Licious the nutrivend drinks machine, Mooglechan the shapeshifter, Faux Semblant the plasma cloud, Pd Pirl the cleaning droid, Sweetnothing304 the engineer, Silvey the maintenance droid, Ceteranna the cleaning droid, Sanalith the security officer, Ai To Shi the maintenance droid, Pam Hikaru the security officer, Hana No Uta the Phogon warbot, Falcon Wap the cargobot, Demoneyeskyo87 the awful green thing, Econn the awful green thing, Muffin Song the Dalek and Cirroco Desade the maintenance droid.

I salvaged a Mizukusaian raygun, an Aureate-Calyx screwdriver, an ASAKO-10 plasma rifle, a Turquoisekhrisian raygun, Wyrdmaege's commbadge, a geologylithium crystal, Mizuno Youko's commbadge, a Jenebi screwdriver, a Shetan83ian raygun, an UTENA1409-190 phaser, a Biking model hazmat suit, an KUGELFISCHLI-130 phaser, a Lilith1013ian raygun, Lemeep's commbadge, an EL-HIGGINS-60 phaser, Stone Depot's commbadge, a アクア5lithium crystal and 233 galacticredits.

Score: 703

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I also escaped from Starbase Demoneyeskyo87... )
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...and god knows I tried. >_<

It's just... I so rarely win something...

On 6/28/06, Yuricon Staff <> wrote:
> Congratulations - you are one of the winners of the 2006 Yuricon AMV
> Contest!
> Your AMV "Lucifer's Angels" is one of our two winners this year. I'll be
> getting together prizes by mid-July, so if you have not already done so,
> please provide a mailing adress where your prize can be sent.
> The videos will be going up on Yuri Studios as time allows throughout the
> summer.
> Congratulations once again and thank you for the great AMV!
> Cheers,
> Erica
> Yuricon - "For real women who like their women...animated."


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