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Luna / Blue Moon Blue 08/01/2000 - 08/21/2000 Hakataza Theater.

Extreme Embarrassment 08/06/2000 - 08/20/2000 Bow Hall.

Both shows claim to have have Tani and Kiriyan. *head scratch* Does that mean there is another alternate cast for Luna / BMB? Or did they really travel back and forth between the two locations? (The information on the TakaWiki is the same as on the posters on the hankyu website for LUNA and Extreme Embarrassment, so no mistakes there. Or so one would think...)
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The first time I watched BlueMoonBlue I noticed right away the bunnies in "Venus Hunt". Well, not that there's any way not to notice them :P, but I immediately thought of Sailormoon [Tsukino Usagi]... I knew there was some legend and tradition about the Rabbit on the Moon, but today I bothered to look it up. It's so *sniff* very touching.

Poor Little Wabbit... )


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