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I lost my internet for a few days. (=> *again* no Genji discussion T__T The book is also more and more confusing me since Genji turned into smoke. I liked the first part thousand years better.)

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A Mariposa picture here, here and here.

An Aqua5 picture with blond Teru here. XD (They had been given the honor of singing the national anthem at some professional baseball event. :D )

And while trying to find out what kind of event that was (turned out to be a Mazda All-Star Game at Yokohama Stadium on Friday, August 1st), I found a journal with Japanese TV translations, including a translation of Utaban year-end special Johnny's & Takarazuka's LEGENDARY LAWS.

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Hiromi has new jeans and Aqua5 a new webpage and the cover of this month's TCA press. :P

Forgot to mention: Click on the picture and get a bigger version of it.

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Yukigumi Berubara DVD - release date 08/20
New AQUA5 CD (+DVD XD) - release date 08/27

Yay more Hiromi on DVD. ~~


Jun. 27th, 2008 11:35 am
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Just seen in a blog:


Too bad Kaname wasn't there, or they could be Aquaべる. :P

No news about the *main* cast list for Mariposa... people are just wondering why Hiromi isn't part of it.

And Daichi Mao once more in My Fair Lady (April/Mai 2009). What a contrast to the "James Dean of the 'zuka scene". :P

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I wanted to do that for a while: A collection of [almost] all my icons.

Took me a while to prepare and edit the code for this.
LJ actually has a size limit for posts. -____-

426 icons, 12.6 MB, some animated. (Completeness took precedence over prettiness.)

Kya's Icons: Editor's Cut. )

You're free to use any of them, but

1.) Please let me know which ones you're taking.

2.) Please let me know if you plan to use them as bases.


- base #018 provided by [ profile] stone_osada
- base #019 provided by [ profile] falcon_wap
- bases #118-121 provided by [ profile] mohanataka
- bases #226 provided by [ profile] ekusudei
- base #278 provided by [ profile] vicky_licious
- bases #280 provided by [ profile] stone_osada
- base #333 provided by [ profile] muffin_song
- base #337 provided by [ profile] sumire_no_hana
- base #422 provided by [ profile] bluerevue

(It's been a while since I did many of those. Let me know if I forgot to credit someone.)

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The happy comes with some sad.

The good news is that last week Mami and Rika teamed up in a talk show for a senior/junior team talk battle somethingie-ish. Their opponents were two women from the Japanese Women Wrestlig Team.

The bad news is, unless I've gotten it completely wrong, that one of the wrestlers, Jaguar Yokota, kept picking on Mami... so much that the showmaster had to rein her in. :( Poor Mami. She looks... flabbergasted. *hugs and cuddles her fiercely*

In fluffier news: The Aqua5 housepage has been updated *AGAIN*. Although Weekly Aqua5 had another entry from Mizu yesterday (the entry's picture was a different one yesterday o.O) there is a new one today with lots of pictures of Holy Night With Aqua5 Takarazuka (note the "Next" button at the bottom). <3 <3 Unfortunately they're not too terribly big, but nevertheless very full of delighting squee.

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Saeko's blog has been updated with news about her latest engagement in "SE・M・PO" (official website). A musical about Sempo Sugihara, who saved thousands of Jews during WWII.

(Tamo-chan is also part of the cast! <3)

The Aqua5 house page has been updated, too. We're tortured with the choice between 2(!) shiny screensavers now. The new one has SNOW. Oh silliness. XD <3

Also, Hiromi's Water & Beauty article is officially up. :P

Sweet, cuddly Hiromi teaches us that sleep is very important and tells us that she tries to get 8 hours sleep each day/night (and takes a nap whenever there's a chance <3).

She also says she likes to use scented oils and candles to fill the room with a pleasant, relaxing aroma. (Something tells me she won't have to worry about being out of oils or candles from here on. :P )

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Ok, two links from TP:

Plus some BTS pics. :D

Mizu and THE PARROT having a heart-to-heart.

Our darlings signing prizes. :D

Also, Aqua5 is supposed to appear on NHK on Dec 04.

ETA: Kaname's entry for the Weekly Aqua5 is up. Water Beauties has been updated, too. Kimu tells us about the refreshing effects of baths and Yoga. It seems as underclassman she used to drink flavored water (drinks?) but now she's drinking it pure and has a mysterious sense of security when she knows there's 水 waiting for her backstage. XD

Yumiko goes on about how water is good for the skin and useful when removing make-up and how eating is important. I'm not really getting the bits about staying away from favorite foods and delicious food being good for body & soul, but I *think* she says she's making a point of trying to eat at least 3 times a day, even if only a little bit, and that trying too hard to stay away from favorite food is only adding to the stress and that it's better to eat deliciously and then move lots and burn it. <3 <3
(Mostly transguessed, anyone with real translating skills feel free to correct me. <3)

This makes the icon collection almost complete. XD

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I don't remember seeing it anywhere on my flist. (I must admit terrible major neglect in that regard, though... >___<)

I guess it's safe to blame the holiday for everything.

[ profile] tse_es ( ) pointed to this article of Aqua5 love.

The images are clickable. ^^

ETA: Plus new Aqua5 wallpaper for download. ^^

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Not exactly what we've been waiting for, but at least mizugumi shows up in the news.

Some pretty pink picture.

Or so I thought. LOL. It takes you on a "Love Mission" sort of thing. You can win shiny if you find heart-shaped diamonds on the show poster (or here). XD
Most likely only if you reside in Japan, so meh. But good luck to anyone who is eligible and wants to give it a try. :)


Oh shucks. Prizes include autographs of your favorite Aqua5 member. WANT!~~~

Did you notice? Comment editing feature for paid members. Yay.

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I'm sorry for spamming my f-list, but:



What do we have?

- WEEKLY AQUA5 - some sort of blog, lol.

- Mizu educating us about the benefits of using/drinking water. XD XD XD

- The Making Of video and the long and the short version of the CM are up there, too.

- And wallpapers for download.

God, the shininess is BLINDING. *__*

ETA: There's also a lottery for 3500 yukigumi tickets in January. You have to collect 8 barcodes from those water bottles, put them on the postcard and send them in. I've seen the first barcodes and postcards on Yahoo already...

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Ok, I'm not online for two days and OF COURSE there's shiny things happening while I'm away.
As [ profile] sumire_no_hana pointed out, the preview clip for the AQUA5 DVD is up.
Many YAYS and SQUEES. (Sorry, I'm dead tired.)

ETA: Slightly bigger version of the clip on the goods page.


Oct. 9th, 2007 10:38 am
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For everyone who hasn't seen it on [ profile] mizukusa's LJ:


Ohohoh, and everyone has their own profile page:


And when you move the mouse over the picture it will change. XD XD <3 <3

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I have a large pot of sweet fusilli in milk, I have pretty music, I've seen Mami... and I'm going to read angsty fanfiction. This is a good day. Definitely a good day.


Sep. 9th, 2007 12:16 pm
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Oh, oh, ooohhh...

I just purchased a legal copy of "Time To Love" for 150 Yen, with no Japanese address or Japanese iTunes card required. \o/ All it took was to register an account/email address and a regular, simple credit card (mine is a Master Card).


They also have a pretty promo pic up that I have been looking for. Yay.

Wednesday the song ranked 7th on MUSICO's sales-based hitlist, but yesterday they weren't in the top ten anymore...

Important Note: What you get is a DRM protected wma file (unlimited playbacks, limited number of burns, 1 license reissue). However, there are [legal and somewhat-legal] ways to get rid of the protection, like burning the file on CD and ripping it in whatever format you want or using FairUse4WM, which I can confirm works with this file. Or you use GoldWave (or any other wav-recording software) to record the wave output and save it as mp3 (or whatever you like/need).

ETA: D'oh. Musico is officially listed on the tca pictures website as one of the online music stores where you can get takarazuka music. I thought with everyone just talking about iTunes, this was the only option for us to purchase zuka music online. Since I keep anything Apple far, FAAAAR away from my PC, I wasn't really interested in this option. But Musico obvioulsy works, too, and for everyone who doesn't have a Japanese address it's even easier than the iTunes option.

ETA2: [Link Dump] A picture of shiny, happy OSASA people.
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There are clips on youtube of the Aqua5 performance at the IAAF 2007 opening ceremony. As to be expected a rather crappy quality and only short.

clip 1     clip 2

I'm hoping eventually a longer video, maybe even in better quality, will surface somewhere.

Apparantly a CD release of "Time to Love" is planned. Yay.

ETA: Plus, a nice picture of our 5 "boys" (click on the small picture for a bigger version).
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D'oh. Some customer service people shouldn't work where they work, or at least consider for a moment that you're asking for help not because you're too dumb or lazy to read, but because the information you're looking for isn't actually where they tell you it is... - The positive reply regarding the Osaka 2007 opening ceremony? T___T The guy told me a date and time at which the opening ceremony hasn't even happened yet (morning session). No, the ceremony is actually NOT the first event like he obviously just /assumed/. Grrr. And their broadcasting of the afternoon session starts /after/ the opening ceremony and the description says nothing about the ceremony, which means... yeah, digest, at best. :'(

I also got an email from za boss, telling me he needs this evaluation asap and that he will be "on standby" all weekend. Which translates to me having a small but exclusive stack of shinies I'M TOTALLY IN THE MOOD FOR, but having to work all weekend :(

I'm taking it positive, though: This weekend has high potential to get better. For example, the last item could finally arrive at masamichi's tomorrow so that I can have the truckload package shipped. (I will try to pay for shipping with my eyes closed. There are things I don't need to know.)
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Well, for all those who have missed it:

Hiromi is in a boyband. YESS! English summary here.

This opening will be on *international* TV. Right? RIGHT?

<sigh>I can barely wait for my Hiromi shinies to arrive. NOIMNOTINLOVE.

Next. Update on the Kiss incident.

Mami, Rika, Ai no Sonata, hot kissing )

While obsessively thoroughly combing YJA, I came across this. There's no way around this, is there? No? Didn't think so, either.


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