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Rika was crying on Mami's last day. Like, sob, snuffle & tears crying. <3

There were tears on Dan's face, too. Mami bravely fought the tears until the end. She had to pause several times, but there were no tears. BIG BOYS DON'T CRY.

I must wonder, though, one article says there have been 100,000 fans when Mami left the theater, and then in the radio program [ profile] babylonclo translated, they say an unprecedented 10,000 have waited for Wao...

Me thinks 100,000 is a bit much, indeed. But the streets *do* look very crowded...
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Well, for all those who have missed it:

Hiromi is in a boyband. YESS! English summary here.

This opening will be on *international* TV. Right? RIGHT?

<sigh>I can barely wait for my Hiromi shinies to arrive. NOIMNOTINLOVE.

Next. Update on the Kiss incident.

Mami, Rika, Ai no Sonata, hot kissing )

While obsessively thoroughly combing YJA, I came across this. There's no way around this, is there? No? Didn't think so, either.


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