May. 10th, 2007 02:25 pm
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I saw that post on the Tiki (= "make some predictions about how they [93rds] will do") and was about to write a reply but it turned into a lengthy babble and I thought the full version might be better suited for LJ :P

RIKU! Heh, she looks like a KomuXTomuXGaichi love child, so yeah, VERY promising. ^^ Plus the name, plus the height, plus being one of the top four... - kinda makes her a sure bet.

Until now I had only looked at the new moonlets, and I had favorited Hanahi Mira and Hoshina Yutaka. :D

The new additions to Osa's harem seem to be very, very cuddly, too... like... XD Taiga Rin <3

There are two more whose pictures kind of left an impression with me:

Suzuran Maaya... I've looked her deep in the eyes... and was lost... XD She'll either leave early :( for a non-zuka career or she'll become kumichou. :P I definitely want to see more than just an Otome picture of her. And since I'm all about visuals I don't care if she can sing as long as one of her skills is decent enough to get her some time in the spotlight (or close to it, since spotlight+otokoyaku+hat=OT3). :D

Natsuki Rei - she just has that look... XD <3

And two more:

Kazami Keito... her favorite flowers are sun flowers. How can you not love that? But she's very pretty and seems too nice - she may be taken from us much too early by some prince charming... :(

And... 'just because': Asei Itsuki. I'm thinking she might be a good dancer. :)

- All just for fun of course, because, yeah, "they haven't really done anything yet" and since I haven't even seen the whole ranking, this is really just some superficial 'judging the show by its chirashi'. :P
So no one bash me, now or later, for my poor judgement. :-/


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