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2009-05-17 12:38 pm

Yet Another Quiz

Your result for The Social Persona Test (What kind of man/woman are you?)...

How did that happen? )

Since that obviously didn't turn out right, I tried again.

Much more like it. )

I can date myself! I wonder why I get the better matching results at these quizzes when I identify as male. (Stop laughing, you lot!)
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2009-05-11 08:21 am

(no subject)

dark heaven breaks up
warm rays graze blushing petals
a shadow is cast
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2009-05-10 11:58 am
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She had spent the past twenty years of her life defining beauty, and for what? To her unending dismay, she found herself in a nation overrun with strip malls, NASCAR, and golden arches on every street corner. Somewhere along the way, she had become Van Gogh, painting stars for a sightless world; Maria Callas bringing Puccini to an audience rendered deaf by the blare of car horns and the shouted conversations of total strangers. The perfect lines of a gown, the vibrancy of color, the utility of form, had soothed and consoled her, made all the rest, the lost friendships, the three failed marriages, even her own perceived imperfection at motherhood, bearable because she had been given the gift of prophecy, the task of telling an often ugly, ignorant world what was truly beautiful.

"You don't just dress a woman, you embrace her, give her the love she might never get from a real man.
You make a woman feel powerful, special, beautiful. Even if she is none of those things. Her first day on the job, her wedding, her first date, you are there for all the important moments of a woman's life."

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2009-05-09 04:00 am

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For personal reference: Viva!Bow! #23 with Mami. (Nov 2006).
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2009-05-07 04:20 pm

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"'We are now in the midst of an epochal debate over the value of content and it is clear to many newspapers that the current model is malfunctioning,[...]'

'We have been at the forefront of that debate and you can confidently presume that we are leading the way in finding a model that maximizes revenues in return for our shareholders... The current days of the Internet will soon be over.'"


Personally, I think we recently saw that the whole shareholder thing is malfunctioning.
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2009-05-03 02:15 pm
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2009-05-02 12:53 pm
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Happy by whose standards?

In a documentary rich kids said poor people can't be happy, and poor kids said rich people can't be happy. And it occured to me that people do that very often - look at someone's situation and pass judgement about that someone's happiness, or chance at happiness.
And I realized how lucky and even blessed I am to be surrounded by people - at home, at work, at the stable, when I meet with friends... who accept my version of happiness as what it is - my own version of happiness, even if they don't share it or comprehend it. To accept something you don't understand or comprehend is a difficult thing, and the inability to do so is often cause for conflicts. It may be partly because I simply don't bother with people who don't accept, but I believe it's also the way it's communicated. And no, I'm not talking about being gay, I'm talking about the choices I made in my life and the priorities I set. However, even communication is dificult with some people...

Yep, high school reunion is approaching and I'm actually afraid of the young mothers who married their high school sweetheart and work as accountants at the local bank. My best friend offered to hold my hand while I suffer through the event. I let her down the last two times and I'd feel really bad if I chickened out again. *sigh*

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2009-05-01 12:35 pm


Hmph, is my whole f-list creating refuge accounts over on

Is this a secret plan to migrate from LJ?
(Is there a migrate option?)
How's the custom design options for free accounts?
I may have to reserve my username over there...

Does anyone know if it works like LJ when you get a paid account and let it expire - that it's downgraded to a free account?

I don't want to move, though. I love my LJ. I'd just love to have an option to join my friends when LJ decides to explode or be taken over by the Russian Mafia or sue-happy copyright exploiters or *gasp* myspace kids.
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2009-04-28 09:53 pm
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A new home for an old rock.

I have a new website!

With the whole youtube disaster I decided to create my own archive for my music videos and fanfiction. The BoP subtext scans and the BelFic (J/T, T/Dax) archive will have their new home there, too.

Or if you can't remember the url and have a popup blocker enabled, someone bought me this kewl url a long time ago:


Note: There is and will be no Takarazuka content on this website.

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2009-04-25 07:14 am

The shiny side of life.

Chirashis and friends who know which you like are very high up on the list of best things money can't buy.



**SIGH** Oh Hiromi... XD The older you get the cuter you are. How do you do that? <3

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2009-04-24 02:10 am

"Sexual fluidity" ?


Why women are leaving men for other women


"and there's even talk of a lesbian reality show in the works."

LOL LOL LOL... I have no words. O.M.G. Finally someone sees the market potential of lesbian RL drama. I mean, L-Word already indicated it, but this would be going to be TEH REAL THANG. \o/

I'm glad I have traded my TV for a DVD drive. *clings to the zuka*
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2009-04-16 05:44 pm
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85th! <3

Yes, I'm bored, so sorry for the spamming the flists.

Some really cute pictures
from their *waves hand* whatever it's called when they graduate from TMS:

OMG, trademark grin. <3

And they even made the effort of putting a red circle around Hiromi in her line dance costume. Even on these blurry pictures you recognize the grin. *is very, thoroughly deadened*

I wonder if that's the (bootleg) video I've seen for sale on Y!J? If so, I need a copy.

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2009-04-16 10:22 am
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Hankyu-Hanshin Revenues

The Hankyu-Hanshin Holding Group regularly publishes reports for its shareholders. In these reports, there is also information on the Revue's part in the group. Cut for length. )

The report for the last year should be interesting, but isn't out yet.

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2009-04-16 07:25 am

Haunted by Music II: Solving the mystery

Hah! Sometimes I believe in quantum mechanics and that some coincidences are not as random as they seem.

Remember me looking for the original of this song? Welps, it was playing on the radio today.
And both my initially notions, that it's from a movie soundtrack and some sort of classic rock proved to be true: It's Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir", sampled by Puff Daddy for "Come With Me" from the 1998 "Godzilla" OST.

Listen to the Puff Daddy version.

Download Led Zeppelin Original

Case solved & closed.
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2009-04-15 04:53 pm

Lost it.

I get excited over books on particle physics and have a brain crush on a blonde who suggests our world is flat.
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2009-04-13 01:17 pm

"Clusterfark" @

Just to make sure it doesn't go flat too soon: Amazon Rank.
Because, Amazon Fail.
Some more reasonable perspectives, though.
"Some combination of algorithm issues, thoughtlessness, lack of foresight, and lulzers, in varying percentages.    Shake and add internets."

And a short, sane comment/report on the issue.
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2009-04-13 09:34 am

Misc. Update

Uh... Not just a brain crush. XD

Plowing through her book & articles atm. We'll see if the crush survives. :P

Other noteworthy things:

  • It's been comics week again, so:
    Scandal Savage has a new girlfriend. (More about that on [ profile] daily_yuri)

    Go buy/read "Air" and "Echo", best comic series these days for people who like female leads and solid stories.

    New lovely picture of Francine & Katchoo (SiP). I love his art. Especially his blondes. Tambi's still my favorite, though. XD

    Marvel Illustrated: Pride & Prejudice gets approved for unexpectedly decent art.

  • Never seen those before:
    Aqua5 24/10/2008 I
    (I... I will remain silent and think my part.)
    Aqua5 24/10/2008 II

  • Mine
  • Sweet! Mami's & Hide-chan's SHOW店街組曲 has a blog!
  • OMG, Mami! Otori Ran, too, but - Mami! I can't quite make sense of neither the title nor the story that quickly, but Otori Ran plays an old otokoyaku and a group of men impersonates women and aims to stage "Romeo and Juliet"...?
  • Um, I obviously was MIA for a while. So, T4? Hot awesomeness. I wonder how many fainted.

In other news I crave zuka. Lots of it.
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2009-04-07 06:25 pm
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British Humour & Early Lolcats

Some 100 postcards from my 500+ collection have suddenly resurfaced unexpectedly and I found some from my trip to England, some uh... 14? years ago...

How they built Stonehenge. I particularly love the attention to detail. XD

And three of my favorite big cat postcards:

Mrs. Leo
Mr. Leo
Mr. T. Striped Suit