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My dearest zuka fandom,

I love you.
For being funny, silly, sincere and respectful. After any brief excursion to flirtatious other fandoms I shall always return to your safe haven.

And Opera for letting me selectively block content.


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"She could have been the victim, a role she wouldn't have minded playing if it meant forgoing responsibility."

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DSL is back.

Youtube! Current! Torrent! Donkey! Comics! Manga! Music! RDC! LJ! IM! LEO! Jim Breen!

Where do I start? XD
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And while it's the time of the year again and I'm tripping on love again, I'm gonna be boringly behind on the good stuff and say:

OMG, I'm in love!!!

Well, better late than never, I say.

I watched the trailers, I read the script and I ordered the DVD. We'll see what will come out of this. I do have plans and ideas, I just don't know if I have the skill, time and patience to realize them. Wish me luck. :P

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The spirits had mercy - I shall have DSL by Friday next week. The hardware already arrived.

Great, now that winter is over, I have internet again. Just slightly ironic.

But I don't want to celebrate too early, so I'm going to sulk for a few days more, just to be safe. ;)
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I read a wonderful tale,
I went out for a walk,
I treated myself to strawberry cheesecake icecream with extra whipped cream,
I feel love.
I am happy.
I can walk through the city and smile without any particular reason.
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I'm happy. I feel love. And I've been diagnosed with harmony addiction. I refuse treatment, I'm afraid of rehab.


Feb. 15th, 2009 03:38 pm
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The good times are over. I think I may be turning my back on the DC-/Batverse, soon. If there even is a Batverse left. Batman's dead, the Canary downgraded to Ollies loyal sidekick, BoP will be disbanded in next week's final issue, Checkmate and Sasha Bordeaux are dead, too, Batwoman seems to have disappeared, also, and it just leaves The Question and Scandal Savage, whose stories I'm not much interested in without Batwoman resp. Knockout. And if Manhunter continues its current path, I'll ditch it, too.

There'll be a 3-issue "Oracle" miniseries starting next month, featuring a showdown between her and her arch-enemy Calculator. The solicitation says she'll be paying the "ultimate price", but whatever it is, I got a feeling I won't like it. Bye, bye DC.

There will only be Air and Top Ten left, and they're both not related the the DC-verse.

Comics I'll be watching out for are reduced to:

Echo (Abstract Studios)
Air (DC/Vertigo)
Top Ten (DC/Wildstorm)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel)
[Secret Six (DC)]

[Oh, and Booster Gold, sort of a guilty pleasure. :)]

Picky as I am I don't like the new art of "Runaways", so even if it's written by Terry Moore, I won't read it.

And frankly, I lost track of the events in the DC-Verse, too. I always liked DC better than Marvel :P but Final Crisis got too big and confusing for a fan with limited time and money, sort of like Marvel's giant Civil War octopus with countless tie-ins and specials.

Meh. The good times are over.
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Ok. I still have no DSL at home, but I'm tired of waiting and I am determined to resurrect my OL. There is a huge backlog and I hope you will all be patient and forgive me for asking questions that have been answered already.

So, first and most significant thing I noticed is that my darling is really a star now. :D

I found the blog of a Hiromi-fan who posted some pictures from the AsakoXMeoXMoriXHiromi talk.
And pictures from a DVD showing Hiromi and Ai-chan (shirosaki) together XD XD <3 <3, and because it's all chinese I have no idea at all what it is. But it's Hiromi featured, so it's very cool. XD She looks great and I want to see it, so if anyone can give me a hint what it is... <3 <3 <3

And there are pictures of Hiromi and Saeko in the same, uh, Kimono? XD Sooooo adorable.

And there's another one! XD

Yes, definitely blogs I'll be watching. :D

And then there's this.

I don't have my library here to check details, but some time after her shinko time Mami changed her autograph from this to this. And now Hiromi did the same, I think around the time she appeared in the YSG, her autograph changed from this (Ayana♪) to this. Mami's changed from unreadable to readable, and Hiromi's from readable to unreadable. But it's the change itself that I think is noteworthy. :D :D :D How common is it for them to change their autograph? Did anyone notice their star changed their signature?

Oh, and some eye candy (click on the small image). <3

Gods, I missed so much. Lots of Sarah Haskins, too. She's also on the star track with her show and offering an alternative to tonight's super tv event. XD

- Target Women Investigates: How the Today Show is trying to kill Ann Curry.
- Target Women: Super Bowl Promo. Sarah advertizing the one and only alternative to the Super Bowl: Get drunk watching best of cute blondes Target Women. :P
- Target Women Super Special

All here.

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Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope the hangover wasn't too bad.

I know I should have skipped the last round of schnapps, because I had a bad dream. It was good, but bad. Some say that dreams in the first night in a new bed come true. Not sure about dreams in the first night of the new year... I dreamed the next performance would be Hiromi's last. T___T I also dreamed of shopping for every single last Hiromi item. That was the good part. ;)

I'm cleaning out my stuff and found an old Star Trek calendar and it made me wonder if there's a zuka daily or weekly calendar/organizer sort of thing? I would very much want it :P. and if there isn't, it's time they put one out. Better than any pocket calender. You know, an organizer with random facts and little pictures / stories stuff sorta thingie. I think I'd use it for every last detail of my day that can be planned. :P
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The lap... human altar of feline worship.

I am temporarily blessed with semi-decent internet. Home, sweet home, hotel Mama. :)
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My drive with all the music I owned just died 16 hours ago and I turned to youtube for music.

I always loved listening to this song, but I had no idea how much I would love watching it. :P

Oh what a smile! The hands! The shirt! The voice! The woman! XD
I mean, I had bought her first album and all, but I just never bothered to take a closer look. Some of the videos are really awesome, like when she's singing "Talkin' Bout A Revolution" all alone in front of tens of thousands of people.

Oh, and her website just makes it all so much better. <3 Color your world!

And then, two voices I love, singing together: Natalie Merchant & Tracy Chapman
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Ahahahaha, I had a good time.

One person (the most important) was missing, but I still enjoyed it. ^^

I promise I get back to zuka. I do. I have so much lying around here and on its way to me that I just don't know where to start... Mami, Ooura-sensei, Miki, Hiromi...
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It's Oracle & Canary again. XD Finally!!
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Something I always wonder about when stagnating *growth rates* are reported as disasters.

A decline in growth rate doesn't mean a decline per se, it just means it grows slower. When you run and you slow down, you don't stop or move backwards, you're still moving forward, just slower. And the longer the distance, the slower they go... a sprinter goes 100 meters, a marathon runner 42,195 meters. So the longer you want your resources to last, the slower you have to go.
Except when you're chased by a lion, of course, then you go as fast as you can and hope your resources last longer than the lion's. But: In a global perspective, we chase each other, using the same source of resources - our planet, essentially competing for who gets to use the last drop of oil and water, the last piece of coal and ore, the last fish and the last tree.

(I think Marx sorta predicted it more than 120 years ago, but you risk being clubbed over the head just mentioning his name.)

"Author Boyé Lafayette De Mente says that the “continuous growth syndrome” that drives the economies of the world is a form of cultural insanity and could destroy civilization as it is known."

And then this report in the news today:
"Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World"

"The report predicts that, the recent economic downturn aside, 'unprecedented global economic growth' will mean that the demand for basic resources such as food, water and oil 'will outstrip easily available supplies' over the next decade.

"As an estimated 1.2 billion people are added to the world population over the next 20 years, the demand for food will rise by 50 percent, the report projects.

"The lack of access to stable water supplies will also worsen due to rapid global urbanization, it says.

"At the moment, 'all current technologies are inadequate for replacing' traditional energy sources 'on the scale needed,' it says."

The Story of Stuff - some facts about our current economic system.
"Shortly after the World War 2, these guys were figuring out how to ramp up the [U.S.] economy. Retailing analyst Victor Lebow articulated the solution that has become the norm for the whole system. He said: “Our enormously productive economy . . . demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction, in consumption . . . we need things consumed, burned up, replaced and discarded at an ever-accelerating rate.”


I think all these depressing thoughts and facts perfectly justify my crack addiction.

But in the end, all I really need for happiness is some sunshine in my cardboard box. XD
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I missed more.

Sou has a bowhall?!?! With TWO RUNS?!!

OMG. Yay. Go 82's!! <3

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So, um, I guess I missed a lot eh. Asako making history as the only seito who played all 3 of the main characters in Erisabeth? She aiming for Senka top?
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FOL: There ain't no free lunch.

ROT #1: Think before hitting the send button.

ROT #2: Google.

Dear web kids,

No one except close friends, the love of your life and your family will give you anything for free, i.e. without expecting/asking for anything in return.

You may get a pen here and a bag there, but even the cost for those are calculated into product prices.

Ergo, there are very few legal ways to make big money with little effort. Hell, even most illegal ways involve work, effort and risk.

No african ex-dictator will share their loot with you just for using your bank account to wash their bloody money.

And forwarding 11 years old chain letters will not get you hundreds of dollers per fwd address. Neither will it bring you love, luck or good karma. Only maybe some annoyed friends and some bad karma in the shape of spam and viruses.

And no, I don't think it's funny to forward personal email addresses containing real names to total strangers or having my email address on a stranger's potentially virus infested computer.

< /rant>
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What Your Height Says About You

You are powerful, brilliant, and a bit of a rebel.

You are an idealist, and you will work hard for a better world.

It's hard for other people to keep up with you - both mentally and physically.

And you're so independent, you actually prefer to go it alone.


You are a sensitive, emotional, and even shy person.

You are a romantic in the truest sense. You see people as you wish they were.

You tend to be a very perceptive person. You are good at getting to the heart of the matter.

You tend to be quite pensive and reflective. You think everything out carefully.

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Reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated. I caught a pretty ugly bug, though, that more than overstayed its welcome. I hopefully got rid of it now. I still have no decent internet (dial-up only), so it will be a while longer before this journal is back to business as usual. Internet cafes around here don't allow the use of flash drives, and at work surfing LJ is not an option anymore. :-/

But I'm slowly, very slowly getting on top of things.

I got LOADS of Hiromi stuff... one year's worth of fanclub stuff plus photos... AND I GOT TWINKIES. And coffee. And maybe finally a weekend to take a more thorough look at Berubara. So yay. Looking forward to that.

I hope everybody's doing well.

Many, many thanks to Elise, Val, Jas and my sunshine and my imouto for being kind and patient and hopefully understanding. <3
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Idling away my i-net free time...


Severe withdrawal symptoms paralyzed me and prevented me from actually doing what I should do and finally should have time for during forced absence from world wide tubes.

Therefore, no epic emails or caps-supported show reviews have been written.

Instead, I played Solitaire and watched CNN.

I am a bad person. m(_ _)m

- Anyone got some material of Anna Tsuchiya?
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I lost my internet for a few days. (=> *again* no Genji discussion T__T The book is also more and more confusing me since Genji turned into smoke. I liked the first part thousand years better.)

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"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled."

(Richard Feynman, after investigating the 1986 Challenger disaster)

"People are always asking for the latest developments in the unification of this theory with that theory, and they don't give us a chance to tell them anything about what we know pretty well. They always want to know the things we don't know."

(Richard Feynman)

(I was re-watching "The Elegant Universe" in preparation of reading "The Fabric of the Cosmos" and got hung up surfing the internet...)

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I'm crazy busy these days.
I apologize for neglecting my flist. m(_ _)m.
The gallery link is fixed.

*goes to cap another 5 minutes of Berubara, then back to work*
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Back! What I missed:

Sarah Haskins: Target Women.

(The interactive cleaning hunk from the comments section.)

Tina Fey: Palin on SNL.

I was up there!!!

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Ok, I'll totally skip the discussion. Not good for my nerves. Instead I'll go on a sailing trip until Saturday. Company sponsored. ^___^ I don't expect to have much time doing Genji reading or discussion. :( But yays, sailing. Big ship and all. (We'll be 28 people.)

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("It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't go with anything - but it may save your life.")


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