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The Hankyu-Hanshin Holding Group regularly publishes reports for its shareholders. In these reports, there is also information on the Revue's part in the group.

  • "The Group delivers inspiration and dreams through the Hanshin Tigers professional baseball team/Hanshin Koshien Stadium and the Takarazuka Revue, both of which are popular and enthusiastically supported not only in Kansai but throughout Japan, giving them unique brand recognition. These two powerful attractions are strengths that none of our rivals have, and they contribute strongly to brand value."

  • "In the revue and theatre business, a strong performer
    was "Adieu Marseille," in which the leading male-role actress,
    Sumire Haruno, gave a farewell performance. Takarazuka
    Grand Theatre and Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre both enjoyed
    high seat occupancy. Successful productions at Umeda
    Arts Theatre included "Elisabeth" by Vereinigte Bühnen Wien
    (United Stages Vienna) and the Umeda Concert by the NHK
    Symphony Orchestra."

  • "Other customer draws included the opening of "Billboard
    Live" club and restaurant chain (Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka),
    launch of cable TV high-speed internet connection services
    and events staged on top of Mt. Rokko in partnership with
    Takarazuka Revue."

  • "In the Entertainment and Communications Segment,
    operating income rose 63.2% to ¥8.5 billion (US$85.5 million).
    This was attributable principally to strong stage revue
    business and the fact that the Hanshin Tigers continued to
    compete until the final stages of the season."

  • Also, some answer to the speculation about the new show schedule:
  • "Maintain seat occupancy and improve earnings capabilities
    at Takarazuka Revue by a fundamental review of ticketing
    and number of shows."


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The report for the last year should be interesting, but isn't out yet.

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